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  • Fool that he was to spill the beans as he had!
  • Them beans cured him!
  • They do not cook their beans and peas.
  • Turn the beans in a colander to drain.
  • Red beans 5 lbs.
  • He bought beans and cooked them himself.
  • Now she was sure her beans were growing.
  • Red beans 4 lbs.
  • There are those who believe that beans have no morals.
  • Plant peas and beans in the same way.
  • Barley and beans cooked together.
  • Are not beans good food?
  • The smell of beans was terrible.
  • We will stick to our beans evermore.
  • A pickle will rise from the beans and salt.
  • Slice the beans and boil them in water with salt.
  • The beans are all pushed upside down out of the ground.
  • Sometimes beans are used instead of bamiehs.
  • Put the beans in an earthen bake dish.
  • Their kidney beans they plant in the same manner.
  • They also use the beans for sprouting.
  • But there were seventy-five beans yet.
  • Add salt, if the beans have not been seasoned.
  • Pick over and wash a pint of beans and soak over night.
  • Does anyone ask how the beans became so bitter?
  • Where could such smoking pots of beans be found?
  • Small soup beans were soaked over night in cold water.
  • The green pods are used as string beans or snaps.
  • When ready to serve, the beans were added.
  • Mezquite beans grow in a pod on the thorny mezquite trees.
  • Soak over night a pint of black beans in a quart of water.
  • I must go into the garden to pick the beans for dinner.
  • Soak one pint of marrow-fat or soup beans over night.
  • Add sufficient water to cover beans one inch deep.
  • How many black beans will make five white ones?

How To Use Beans In A Sentence?

  • The older heirloom dry beans were mostly pole types.
  • Still, a great many beans go unpicked.
  • Pease and Beans of all kinds.
  • Oats and beans and barley O!
  • Horse beans cultivated by the Indians.

Definition of Beans

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bean | plural of bean | (slang, urban, plural only) pills; drugs in pill form
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