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  • Now is a bearable burden.
  • Certainly Florence will not be bearable many days longer.
  • A scandalous divorce would have been more bearable than this withdrawal.
  • Nothing so reveals its meaning and makes it so bearable as religion.
  • Much that appears insupportable to us was made bearable by ancient custom.
  • Quite a bearable band there: it does not play any patriotic airs.
  • This was more bearable to their feet than the red, scorching sand.
  • Anything, she felt, would be bearable if only she could see him once again.
  • For it was only thought of Nance that made life bearable to him.
  • We make our life known unto God that we may make it bearable unto ourselves.

How To Use Bearable In A Sentence?

  • This had the effect of making the atmosphere more bearable in the course of a few minutes.
  • One week it only got up to 14 below, but the cold was more bearable as the air is so dry.
  • But three-quarters of life continues bearable enough because one does not put things frankly.
  • Really he is a sweet good child, and I am not bearable in my conceit of him, as you see!
  • This pleased him; the ghosts of Mabel and Vi were more bearable than the other ghosts.
  • It makes the real pains and aches ever so much more bearable and eliminates those which to a great extent are imaginary.
  • When his clothing became too filthy to be bearable by the rest of us, we put it to soak and stood over him while he washed it.
  • Preposterous indeed that the only acts of his life hitherto viewed with self-contempt, were beginning to seem the only ones bearable to remember!
  • Raising the mind and heart to God will do more to make even the extremity of pain bearable than anything else in the world.
  • But as the thought of Isabel thus became bearable once more, it became for that very reason a thought the more faithfully to be resisted.
  • For the rest, the life is bearable enough, free, untrammelled, novel, with a tinge of adventure.
  • It never occurred to Honora that had it not been for Peter those evenings would have been even less bearable than they were.
  • The cold, though much more intense than in the English climate, is more easily bearable than our milder winters.
  • None of those negative attitudes that would have made the will-to-die abnormal under conditions in which there would have been hope and some faint chance of a bearable future.
  • That is unfortunate; but habit in itself engenders a mode of philosophy that makes many of the evils of life more easily bearable than they might otherwise be.
  • Chet set his teeth together to make more bearable the pain of those gripping claws; but the hurt was easier to bear when he saw that the girl was more carefully treated.

Definition of Bearable

Able to be borne; tolerable; endurable.
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