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  • Now he endeavored to take his bearings afresh.
  • I took the following bearings by compass.
  • Its results and their bearings will find place later on.
  • They had lost their bearings and could go no farther.
  • Driving-boxes of cast-iron with brass bearings babbited.
  • To tell the truth, he had no idea what bearings were.
  • When the sun arose I got my bearings roughly.
  • The practical bearings of this fact are of the utmost importance.
  • While you are getting your bearings you can establish a wireless watch.
  • He was logically going over the bearings of this event in his mind.
  • Armorial bearings appear on shields at the sides of the tomb.
  • His mind had dwelt on this subject in all its bearings from childhood.
  • Look well to the bearings of your shafting engine and machines.
  • Godfrey then with extreme precision took the bearings of the spot in question.
  • Deciding to get his bearings before going further, he looked about.
  • Once he has his bearings there is a good deal he will enjoy without confusion.
  • We now examine one of their bearings upon the question at issue.
  • You look as if you hadn't quite got your bearings yet.
  • In a half hour he stopped and took his bearings as best he could.
  • You'll be more likely to get your bearings right that way.
  • Then he recovered his bearings and hurried back to the Theatorium.
  • He had been in London three days, but had scarcely got his bearings yet.
  • But, to tell you the truth, I haven't got my bearings yet.
  • By this time, Budd had found his bearings and had the Doctor by the hand.

How To Use Bearings In A Sentence?

  • She wrestled with political economy and its bearings on all that was meant by democracy.
  • All such incidents are very complicated in their nature, and in their bearings and relations.
  • He had not as yet quite taken his bearings with regard to this extraordinary creature.
  • He glanced about him to make sure of his bearings and then struck on a curving line for the river.
  • When the new government machine had smoothed down its bearings matters rapidly improved.
  • Small pieces of scrap find their way towards the bearings and lodge on the edges of the trays.
  • In this place young women were employed to sort the ball bearings which went into the machines.
  • But he sees as clearly into its bearings as he does through the average Lancashire stone wall.
  • Chrome steel is also hard and tough and finds use in files, ball bearings and projectiles.
  • Religions have their practical results, and, consequently, bearings upon human society.
  • Rayner and Oliver took the bearings of the house and remarked the country as they went along.
  • But at that it isn't so very easy, in life, to get one's bearings straight again.
  • Pocket compass; bearings by sun and stars; other signs of direction; to follow a track at night.
  • As soon as Lorry gained his bearings fully he prepared to fell the wretch who was to stand watch.
  • Without farther questioning, I will endeavor to state the main bearings of this matter.
  • On the face of the third storey of the tower are the armorial bearings of the Earl of Salisbury.

Definition of Bearings

plural of bearing
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