Beast In A Sentence

How To Use Beast In A Sentence?

  • Off the beast went into the darkness.
  • The beast was laughing harshly.
  • There is a wild beast in the grotto.
  • Once more the beast whinnied mournfully.
  • The beast sped down the hill.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Beast | Beast Sentence

  • The beast of the city.
  • Is he a beast of prey?
  • What kind of beast is it?
  • What kind of a beast is that?
  • But less than any beast are you!
  • Take your beast out of my way!
  • I was a beast to read that to you.
  • Which is just what a beast would do.
  • This is the only beast of prey.
  • What sort of a beast is that?
  • But what a beast of a man!
  • And you a knave and a beast that you are.
  • Surely the beast was immortal.
  • What a beast of a night is this!
  • Hath not each beast its mate?
  • Like a beast that can go?
  • The fangs of the beast were exposed.
  • At once the wild beast in him appeared.
  • One ox was all the beast of burden they had.
  • It seemed as if the beast was nearer to him.
  • Chaerestratus is a wild beast in the toils.
  • What dost take the beast to be?
  • Binds beast to beast as brother.
  • Man and beast lived together.
  • A backward cleaving to the beast again.
  • She were too good to be a beast of prey!
  • God knows where that beast has led me.
  • The beast who held it had missed!
  • And she was at one with the beast in its desire.
  • The beast in him fawned to the lash.
  • A love of beast for man.
  • And what is this beast upon which she is seated?
  • It is the wild beast of all sins.
  • The wild beast is tamed.
  • The ass was the beast of burden.

Definition of Beast

(slang) great; excellent; powerful | (Britain, military) to impose arduous exercises, either as training or as punishment. | Any animal other than a human; usually only applied to land vertebrates, especially large or dangerous four-footed ones.
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