Beasts in a sentence

Definition of Beasts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of beast | plural of beast

How to use Beasts in a Sentence?

  • They are magnificent beasts and are well cared for.
  • Brutes, beasts of the field?
  • The wild beasts in the woods will kill you.
  • I never saw such beasts in my life.
  • These beasts must be taught their place.

Short Example Sentence for Beasts

  • He is as the beasts that perish.
  • But only of beasts and birds.
  • The beasts were all right.
  • The beasts charged her.
  • But for those beasts we should have been lost.
  • All the other beasts fear it.
  • How do the beasts groan!
  • The beasts again had scored.
  • Men and beasts and spirits!
  • Created the beasts and fowls.
  • And herds of beasts to hear him.
  • The beasts of burden are dogs.
  • And other beasts and other humane birth.
  • There are not many of the beasts on this island.
  • But before we got there the beasts had fled.
  • Little wild beasts to face him!
  • No more soul than the beasts that perish!
  • Harriet regarded the beasts frowningly.
  • The beasts drew nearer.
  • Those beasts will take it off in the morning.
  • The beasts lay down by the door.
  • There are strange beasts out there on the plain.
  • I have never hunted beasts in the jungle.
  • Silently the beasts came closer and closer.
  • Birds and beasts are alike in many respects.
  • We not only held the beasts but drove them back.
  • A roar of wild beasts was heard.
  • You are worse than the beasts you are going out to fight.
  • And least of all beasts had that cat delusions.
  • They have such funny little beasts in the window.
  • The beasts stood waiting about the door.
  • Fearsome beasts menaced us at all times.
  • The two beasts set off at a trot.
  • Even the beasts seemed less powerful.
  • The wild beasts fled away!