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  • Some faces are beautified by suffering.
  • Numerous islands have to-day beautified the Ohio.
  • Soon a rose-colored flush beautified the Peaks.
  • For a long while I hear the tones beautified by the night.
  • Most of the halls have anciently been beautified by fountains.
  • Internally he corrupted it, but externally he beautified it.
  • Like a good liquor it nursed and beautified whatever mood was in him.
  • Sylvia smiled the slow smile that had always beautified her plain face.
  • There were no roads and avenues beautified by Nature's decorations.

How To Use Beautified In A Sentence?

  • Your men have beautified my library by making up the books and appending title-slips.
  • At his own expense he has erected a town hall, and improved and beautified Killarney.
  • The Mayos still live in the brown house, which has been enlarged and greatly beautified recently.
  • The house was enlarged and beautified by Sir Humphrey Gore, who was knighted at Whitehall in 1660.
  • The most hideous of all the workings of man will be beautified when the lichen grows over the crumbling ruins.
  • Peculiarly happy in his domestic relations his home is beautified and ennobled by the virtues of domestic life.
  • When the teeth have been properly beautified the young man or woman is considered ready to enter society.
  • Strings of bells surround the neck of a prized animal, and it is further beautified by an artificial forelock.
  • His thoughts had soared above tobacco, and still recalled and beautified the image of his new acquaintance.
  • The melody flooding his soul beautified his piano compositions, to which only a delicate touch may do justice.
  • Others found a field for their talents in literature, which they beautified with their genius, and ennobled by their ideas.
  • The sun was making the houses beyond the river glitter anew, and the whole town was beautified in its light.
  • Under its first kings it must have presented a very different aspect from what it did after it had been beautified by Tarquin.
  • We had unconsciously approached an art-gallery, the deep windows of which, were beautified with a few choice landscapes in oil.
  • One fine summer afternoon, when there was no school, he was walking on the banks of a river that beautified the scenery of his native place.
  • The beach is shallow, of clean sand, sloping down from easy terraces beautified by shade trees and lawns.
  • These spots enlarged as the morning advanced, and about nine the sun, golden and dazzling, beautified the forest.
  • The surrounding hills, though mostly bare, were broken and beautified on that still autumn morning with dim clefts of shadow.
  • And this was indeed her first; for the commonplace and business-like episode of young Northen had not been beautified by any such compositions.
  • He also beautified the large room which had been used for a Guesten Hall, and perhaps raised the roof.
  • We made a prosperous voyage up that fine river of the Hudson, the weather grateful, the hills singularly beautified with the colours of the autumn.
  • It was her deft touch that draped the curtains at the windows and softened and beautified the lines the hand of man would have left crude and repellent.
  • In spring the dark foliage is beautified by cup-shaped blossoms of creamy whiteness and remarkable fragrance, which measure 3 or 4 inches in diameter.
  • All of life that remained in the famished land seemed to have flowed into her and found a beautified expression in the rich vitality of her upright form, the flushed bloom of her face.
  • He was very vain of this accomplishment, and was constantly in the habit of calling attention to the manner in which, as he supposed, he had beautified what would otherwise have been positively ugly.
  • The snows belong upon the ground in wild and uncultivated regions, but where the earth has been beautified by the conquest of the plough, the light snow melts away while you speak of it.
  • It could afford to pat its own back, and the pat might well take the form of a renovated and beautified town square that would advertise its business smartness to all beholders.
  • The rough stone work of the outside of all the arches was artistically covered and beautified by a luxuriant growth of intermingled ivy and cinnamon vine, which gave a still deeper shade to the interior.
  • The beaus of that age, ornamented their lower tier with double laces of silk, tagged with silver, and the extremities beautified with a small fringe of the same metal.

Definition of Beautified

Having been made beautiful. | simple past tense and past participle of beautify
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