Beautiful In A Sentence

Definition of Beautiful

Attractive and possessing beauty. | (of the weather) Pleasant; clear. | Well executed.

How To Use Beautiful In A Sentence?

  • It was astonishing to see so delicate and beautiful a being buffet so resolutely with hardships.
  • Now what can be done to make a street or road beautiful and pleasant in warm weather?
  • In the first picture in this book notice the beautiful dome and the great high stairs.
  • Many do not know how beautiful the bare trees look in winter with their gray or brown branches.
  • No matter to what port she steered; any part of so beautiful a world was better than my convent.
  • It was a clear beautiful afternoon, and the air on the grassy uplands was fresh and bracing.
  • The grass was warm and beautiful to look on, and they lingered, prolonging the walk.
  • Do you not like to have the things that belong to you as good, as useful and as beautiful as possible?
  • A sentiment so dark and appalling but ill accords with the sublime and beautiful spirit of the gospel.
  • It is a wonderfully beautiful and touching little scene, and papa has described it so wonderfully.
  • The beautiful feeling or emotion of love is merely the blossom which precedes the formation of true virtue in the heart.
  • We enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery and we could see the bridge moove under the intense heat of the sun.
  • I could not forget this glimpse of a beautiful and a happy world; a world so suited to my natural character.
  • Papa blew his soap bubles and filled them with tobacco smoke and as the light shone on then they took very beautiful opaline colors.
  • But he passed through that beautiful garden without a glance right or left, with his eyes bent upon the ground.
  • There are hammers there then, and fires, too, and they are battered into their beautiful shapes with cruel blows.
  • Columns of smoke rise continually from numerous active volcanos, and the beautiful mountain lakes fill extinct craters.
  • Renouard meditated, gloomy, as if over some sinister riddle of a beautiful sphinx met on the wild road of his life.
  • It would most assuredly have been an infinitely clearer and more beautiful expression of the divine goodness than that of Edwards.
  • She seemed to him very beautiful as she slept, her face turned a little on one side, and again he asked himself if he loved her.
  • The child assured me his mamma had been a beautiful player, but that no one ever opened her grand piano, which stood in a parlor above the street.
  • We may admire it as the most beautiful unfolding of that nature, but we cannot applaud it as the virtue or moral goodness of Adam.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Beautiful | Beautiful Sentence

  • Perhaps you will pass beautiful woods.
  • Describe the beautiful view from the summit.
  • It was a clear beautiful morning.
  • And has the mirror nothing beautiful to show?
  • Her beautiful eyes were red with weeping.
  • Down there in the beech wood there is a beautiful glade.
  • The country is looking very beautiful just at present.
  • Its beautiful coat was matted with blood and dust.
  • The streets are often shaded with beautiful palm trees.
  • I seemed to identify myself with the beautiful Anastatia.
  • It is such a sweet, darling, beautiful thing to come to me!
  • Illustrated with 50 beautiful Photogravure Engravings.
  • Passengers and crew were all saved and among them a beautiful young girl.
  • Before the city was built there was beautiful country all along the banks.
  • So beautiful was he that I could not help looking at his face.
  • Over every public building floats our beautiful flag, the Stars and Stripes.
  • These are beautiful creatures--these triplets.
  • Susy's was a beautiful mind, and it made her an interesting comrade.

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