Beautifully in a sentence

Definition of Beautifully

In a beautiful manner.

How to use Beautifully in a Sentence?

  • She had been brought up beautifully and she had been taught to consider the rights of others.
  • Or a beautifully reflected picture of the heavens and its explanation lessen true devotion?
  • It is rough and uneven on the outer surface, but beautifully smooth on the inner.
  • The woman was beautifully dressed in white linen and a hat smothered with red and yellow poppies.
  • In the form of quartz it is found in beautifully formed six-sided prisms, sometimes of great size.
  • She developed a theory on the governance of England, beautifully frank and simple.
  • There was a lead-pencil in one pocket, beautifully sharpened, and I showed it to the other boys.
  • He turned slightly his beautifully groomed white head so as to address Mr. Blunt directly.
  • It shook him with passion to think of his degradation before him, and of what was being given to him so beautifully and freely.
  • It will grow beautifully all winter, and you'll find you can get good prices for it.
  • Margaret had gained in dignity and prettiness by the lapse of five years, and she was now very beautifully and richly and simply dressed.
  • It was a clear and beautifully warm night, and a splendidly colourful borealis shined in the north-western sky.
  • They play beautifully when hooked, and it requires a good deal of coolness and skill to land them safely in your boat.
  • So the boys set off on the run down the road, in fine style, with their wheelbarrows trundling beautifully before them.
  • A beautifully told story of the trials of a little backwoods girl who lives in a secluded place with an eccentric uncle, until his death.
  • I'm sure we've got on beautifully together," she said with her air of amiable indifference.
  • Kate sat next to her, and looked very handsome, with her abundant hair beautifully dressed and her white firm flesh liberally displayed.
  • The portion occupied by the Latins and Greeks is very beautifully situated on the side of the mountain.
  • Parquet floors, beautifully shaded walls, wide galleries and French windows that led into balconies!
  • In one corner of the Grand Square was a beautifully fitted gymnasium with a swimming-bath adjoining.
  • St. Augustine has beautifully said, that the horse which has gone astray is a more noble creature than a stone which has no power to go astray.
  • As the work is beautifully engraved, I have taken the liberty to add a published copy, and also a violin quintet.
  • The Wilmer library was a large, airy and beautifully furnished room, well filled with finely bound and instructive volumes.
  • Glimpses of a beautifully moulded neck and bosom appeared from time to time as she moved here and there in her preparation of the service of the wine utensils.
  • The town is beautifully situated on the borders of the Henares River, two thousand feet above the level of the sea.
  • It was quite an affair to lift out the pieces; they were fitted into each other so beautifully that it was natural to imagine they could never be got back again.

Short Example Sentence for Beautifully

  • She was beautifully animated now.
  • It was all so beautifully simple.
  • The stomachers are most beautifully worked.
  • The picture is beautifully coloured.
  • His nose and mouth were beautifully formed.
  • World, you are beautifully dressed.
  • The next morning was beautifully sunny and warm.
  • He was a beautiful trout, and beautifully he played.
  • Why not let the whole business beautifully slide and yield to your instincts?
  • The dark marble columns supporting the central gable are beautifully veined.
  • Her hair was arranged simply; her head was set beautifully on her shoulders.
  • It is a very sweet picture; water, boats, and shore, beautifully painted.
  • And the wonderful grass upon your breast, World, you are beautifully drest.
  • Behind her came Kitty, very fair, pretty, and beautifully dressed.

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