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Alternative spelling of bevor (“part of a helmet”)

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  • The white beaver did not stretch out his hand for it, and the bird stood there for a long time.
  • By this process, the profit from a single beaver skin could be made to reach ten dollars.
  • Once in the old days Beaver and Porcupine were comrades and went everywhere together.
  • In February or March the spring hunt commences; first the bear, and then the beaver hunt.
  • The last of these was taken four or five years ago, since which no sign of the beaver has been discovered.
  • Such is the law which leads the beaver to build its dam, and all other animals to pursue some particular habits instead of others.
  • Mr. Stott called that help was arriving as he crashed through the brush in the vicinity of the beaver dam.
  • He respected them for the qualities in which they excelled him, the hare for his swiftness, the beaver for his skill, the fox for his craftiness.
  • The young men saw several young beavers swimming about, and presently they heard a great beaver tail spank the water.
  • The grass was short, rich and browned by the summer sun; and it mantled the distant rounds and hollows with the changing lights of beaver fur.
  • And then, without having been observed to stoop, I fetched my beaver broad brimmer and scampered out.
  • Camped that night near a beaver lodge on the Pas-co-pe, the conversation turned upon the mountains we had just left.
  • Unable to resist the impulse, Terence lowered a glass and protruded his head, with the beaver bonnet and veil.
  • Porcupine often visited Beaver in his house, which is dry and comfortable, and unfortunately annoyed his host by leaving some of his quills there.
  • Then the white beaver said, "My friend, you see that no one of us have the power to help you.
  • Nobody could have been more obliging and interesting than Mr. Hicks as he guided her to the beaver dam and explained its construction.
  • As befitted my station at the time of year, I was arrayed in a new beaver and a particularly fanciful pair of rather tight trousers.
  • There was nothing to fear from beavers; anyway, Hicks assured her, he never had known a beaver to attack anybody.
  • In the case just quoted, however, caprice was shown by the Beaver hybrid which took eagerly to a host of the species of one of its parents.
  • Browning worked like a beaver to get himself in shape for the coming struggle, but he promised himself over and over that he would never do such a thing again.
  • Now Beavers are much afraid of Bears, who break down the beaver dams so as to let off the water, catch them and eat them.
  • Then he would have to stay down in the low, deep pond of Beaver River, where the saw-dust came to bother him.
  • Jest before we git to Beaver Dam, there's a deep gut that runs 'longside of it fer a hundred yards or more.
  • He knows, my brothers, that the Senecas had tired of their promises, and now would steal the beaver and sell it to the English.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Beaver | Beaver Sentence

  • His trade in beaver skins was most profitable.
  • I laid the beaver upon the oval table.
  • They broke the dam and destroyed the beaver house.
  • A beaver bonnet and veil covered his head.
  • The Beaver has hurried after him with nearly a score.
  • Fire Beaver Run country.
  • Oregon, the Beaver State.
  • When the white beaver reached out the pipe to this animal he did not take it.
  • So the beaver asked that he might have wings like a wood dove.
  • They made their way around the beaver dam and continued on up the valley.
  • Almost everyone of the grafts of the Beaver grew thriftily on the bitternut.
  • The Beaver has seen this sign, as shown by his signature at the bottom.
  • Last winter near seventy head were killed on the Beaver Kill alone.
  • SEE Aitchison, R. T. Oregon, the Beaver State.
  • Cynthe Cardinal was coming up Beaver Run on her way back to French Village.
  • No. 59153, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan; Beaver Creek, 19 mi.

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