Became A In A Sentence

How To Use Became A In A Sentence?

  • And this became a kingdom and a chain.
  • The tree became a raft.
  • Waiting became a species of heroism.
  • After that it became a regular occurrence.
  • It became a matter of honor.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Became A | Became A Sentence

  • He became a pugilist.
  • Became a steeple with a spire.
  • Then all became a blank.
  • Then they became a success.
  • Life became a burden.
  • Later he became a preacher.
  • Boege became a hero.
  • What was he before he became a scrivener?
  • He did so and became a monkey.
  • Twig that became a tree.
  • Gradually he became a trusty.
  • Thus she became a mediaevalist.
  • He became a traveller.
  • He became a student.
  • Soon after this she became a widow.
  • Daniel became a seer.
  • The judge became a party.
  • Then suddenly she became a woman!
  • War thus became a commerce.
  • The retreat became a rout.
  • The panic became a rout.
  • The panic became a rout.
  • Norman became a shade graver.
  • The doubt became a certainty.
  • It now became a contest for supremacy.
  • His pace became a crawl.
  • His action at once became a signal.
  • It became a town in 1686.
  • His days became a torture to him.
  • Every lake became a haven of refuge.
  • It now became a fight to the finish.
  • He became a little child.
  • In 1798 he became a lieut.
  • The battle became a massacre.
  • Sayen became a chicken after fighting.
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