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How To Use Became In A Sentence?

  • Cloete became excited at the possibilities of that sort of business, in which he was an expert.
  • He and my father were fast friends, but it was to my mother that he became especially devoted.
  • Even the stuffed footman became familiar, and learnt to welcome me with a smile.
  • I was right, and exhibitions of unspoken suggestion became a favorite with the public.
  • The audience, which had at first been indifferent, became more and more interested.
  • About noon she became blind (an effect of the disease) and bewailed it to her uncle.
  • She was cold and inattentive at first, became patronizing at tea, and ended by being gracious.
  • Whoever asked it became my enemy at once, and I was usually almost eager to make that appear.
  • But she married, and at once settled down and became in all ways a model matron and was as highly respected as any matron in the town.
  • But after they reached Hartford he became very sick, and his trouble prooved to be diptheeria.
  • He became a prosperous banker and a prominent and valued citizen; and a few years ago he died, rich and honored.
  • When teeth became touched with decay or were otherwise ailing, the doctor knew of but one thing to do: he fetched his tongs and dragged them out.
  • Hence his views in relation to the nature of moral good and evil, as well as in relation to their origin, became unavoidably dark and confused.
  • I cannot say this proceeding pleased me, but on the contrary cost me many a cold sweat until I became accustomed to it.
  • Thus these unjustly treated Indians became the enemies of the white men, and often treated them very cruelly in return.
  • Frank, busy at his desk going over the contents of the cash box, arose from his chair and like the others became an interested member of the group.
  • The unruly weather, which became more and more tempestuous, rendered The hospitable suggestion unanswerable.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Became | Became Sentence

  • And then he became drowsy.
  • It became more and more interested.
  • Beldi became very serious.
  • When they became dry they were dangerous.
  • Hence our prospects again became far from rosy.
  • Frank became serious at once and all the others as well.
  • The parents suddenly became silent.
  • You became my best and dearest friend.
  • And what became of everybody, please?
  • The conversation soon became both loud and general.
  • He became President in 1889.
  • Several years have elapsed since Apafi became a Prince.
  • The reason that he left college was that his health became impaired.
  • The quieter the house became, the more unquiet became my grandfather.
  • But he became aware of a bad smell and concluded he would go no farther.
  • Tobacco, without a parcels post to bring it to us, became very scarce.
  • At this Csaky's mirth became downright uproarious.
  • Two or three months had now passed away since Ida became an orphan.
  • Injun Joe got drunk oftener than before, and became intolerably interesting.
  • So then it became necessary for us to waive etiquette and challenge Mr. Laird.
  • We've got him," the Editor became very business-like.
  • I shouldn't wonder if we finally became firm believers in Mind Cure.
  • From that moment the Szeklers became Apafi's enemies to his dying day.

Definition of Became

simple past tense of become
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