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  • A despatch would certainly follow, because even now a Palace meeting was being held.
  • It is interesting to remember this fact, because even our most highly civilized forms of clothing still show this same tendency.
  • Because even if it have a man to speak for it, nothing of the subject which is related can be seen, as it is seen when a picture is explained.
  • As to details, we know them more or less accurately and yet not accurately, because even the most minute part of the infinite is infinite.
  • I say recent times, because even 10,000 years is only a mere point of time when compared with the actual age of our globe.
  • The poorest land of a farm is always found on the hilltops, because even with the greatest care there is always considerable waste of the top-soil.
  • This personal adaptation has proved very pro-survival, because even savoy cabbages do not grow as readily or yield nearly as much as kale.
  • If the cause of freedom rolls slowly, it is because even in free soil there are too many Conservative pebbles.
  • This point was not intolerably difficult to determine, as she sat there waiting, only because even what was righteous in that reprobation could not present itself to her as fruitful or efficient.
  • In short, because even if they did not realise it before, they are now beginning to see that their very position depends upon their being able to make out some sort of case for continuity.
  • Here a halt was made, because even the boys whose duties it was to open the barriers were absent, and from this point the remainder of the journey was made on foot.
  • Everybody does not need a telescope, because, even if learning were general, there are people who prefer to examine things through a microscope to studying the starry heavens.
  • It has meant that the woman must hush the children because father has come home, but it has also meant that she must change her frock, because even father is a man.
  • He could not carry them far, because even if he secured an abundant harvest, which was at present doubtful, he would have some difficulty in raising capital enough to outbid his rival.
  • Then, following this, there came the knowledge, piercing her heart, that she must keep her secret because even if she told him, he would not understand.
  • There are no statistics available, but it is known that the death rate from disease is very high because, even in garrison, sanitary precautions are crude and the medical service is inefficient and inadequate.
  • This change in the mouth, however, is not of such great importance as we at one time thought, because even with careful mastication, a certain amount of starch will be swallowed unchanged.
  • Well then, this modeller, before he did anything else, hit upon the form of a wooden cross, because even our own body assumes as its natural position the latent and concealed outline of a cross.
  • The second kind, the one generally used, may be struck anywhere, but these matches are safe because even stepping upon one will not light it; it must be scratched.
  • This holds good especially in this connection, because, even where electric baths fail to influence the disease giving rise to the insomnia, they almost invariably remove this, irrespective of its cause.
  • I say divested as far as possible, because even here, as I shall prove hereafter, the process is not complete, and something of religion is still left fermenting.
  • This question cannot be set aside, because even under the Sassanids, in spite of their zeal for the Avesta and for Iran, these elements were not unknown.
  • Brainless, devoid of intelligence, sightless, because even the sense had not become differentiated in them, yet by some infernal instinct the Earth Giants had become aware that this was their feasting ground.
  • Timungau said, "We do not wish to have Ampasit married to our son, because even at our own house they urinate on our faces.
  • Scandal stayed outside, not simply because Effie and Tishy were there, but because, even if Cousin Maria had received alone, she never would have received evil-speakers.
  • I give this list because even so interesting an announcement of a genuine voyage did not have so quick an acceptance as Neville's tract with almost the same title.
  • Don't handle a wound with your hands, because even though your hands appear perfectly clean, they are not so; neither is water free from germs, so a wound should never be washed.
  • He wept bitterly; not to wash out his sin, but because even already he knew it had been washed out.
  • And in the disembodied state the reminiscence of earthly individuality could only operate because, even in that state, the soul remained within the sphere of those mighty spirits who had brought about the separation of the moon.
  • Four people held and vehemently expressed different opinions; if they had not agreed ultimately to pool the credit, the foundations of six very firm friendships might have been endangered, because even the sisters were at logger-heads on the point.
  • For that also is a mournful darkness whereby my abilities within me are hidden from me; so that my mind making enquiry into herself of her own powers, ventures not readily to believe herself; because even what is in it is mostly hidden, unless experience reveal it.
  • But if instead of going to the count a man accuses another behind his back, he must be put on the pillory in the market-place, and then sent out of the country, but not to the tin mines, because even there a backbiter is to be feared.
  • The relay armature of the calling party does not fall back with the establishment of the low-resistance path at the called station, because, even though shunted, it still receives sufficient current to hold its armature in its attracted position.
  • Some of them, indeed, seemed to be drilling both in season and out of season, because even after their officers had given them all their needful drilling for the passing day, they would themselves get together and drill themselves for a whole hour, or for an hour and a half at a time.
  • Not only because they are not generally men of this world, but because, even supposing the barque that bears them, should make an external exit to the bottom of the ocean, the busy world, as things go, will regret the loss of most of them very little, perhaps not at all.
  • The fact that my newly-found friend and some of his companions carried revolvers in their belts signified but little, because even I, a peaceful traveler, had carried my rifle, as was our usual custom where there was any hope of finding game.
  • Shakespeare must be left on one side, first, because the dramatic form does not lend itself to the expression of mystical feeling, and secondly, because even in the poems there is little real mysticism, though there is much of the fashionable Platonism.
  • I was stiff with her and difficult to her, because even on my wedding morning there had been, deep down in my soul, voiceless though present, something weakly protesting, a faint perception of wrong-doing, the infinitesimally small, slow-multiplying germs of shame.
  • And then when we consider that the calendar was in confusion, because even the wisest men did not know the exact length of the year, and there were various ways of counting time, we need not be surprised that the Christians disagreed and made mistakes as to the time when the Saviour was born.
  • Remedios, they learned from Rollins, had no intention of leaving the district because even if the boys tried to cause his arrest he had a mysterious political pull with the American officials, practically all of whom were of Mexican descent.
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