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  • He drew up enough of them for a soft bed, because now and for the moment he was a forest sybarite.
  • So much the better, they consoled themselves with saying, because now we shall have the moon.
  • I just listened to him and I felt pretty bad, because now I saw that was what he meant.
  • She had feared it then, and all the more she feared it now, because now she would have to do more than defend herself.
  • And they put their arms round each other and cried for joy, because now they were both young and beautiful again.
  • Jimmy was glad for this, because now that a storm could no longer work in his favor, he preferred everything to clear up.
  • That "no man liveth unto himself alone" is never so true as now, because now it is more generally realized.
  • Because now-a-days at the light he would often have long seasons of silence, was it any sign of mental occupation?
  • And there's no use in trying to tell me that there's nothing in spiritualism, because now I know better.
  • There was great rejoicing in the court and all through the country over the solving of the riddle, and because now no more kings and princes would be killed.
  • I regret it bitterly, because now, when it is too late, I am prepared to prove certain scientific matters of interest, and to produce the proofs.
  • He was telling the crowned man that he had come back to finish the picture he had once begun, because now he knew what was the face of the woman who sat on the golden throne.
  • They voted for blankets and money, but vowed they would far rather have the bananas, because now their own people would be on short commons to make up for the surfeit of ours.
  • Completely tired, the two children lay sobbing and clinging to each other, no longer looking toward the shore, because now they were too far out to clearly see it.
  • He felt sorry, in truth, for all Vicksburg, because now that he was outside his fears for Grant disappeared, and he knew that he must win.
  • Later it became evident that there were a number of people somewhere in the house, because, now and then, the porter unlatched the door and drew the chains to let out some swiftly walking man.
  • It was quite as hilarious as the banquet of the night before; perhaps more so, because now, for the first time in months, the athletic young men were well fed, with money in their pouches.
  • As it was, the man she had known simply ceased to be, irrevocably, finally, and the warmth of her love dwindled and grew cold, because now there was nothing left for it to feed upon.
  • I could think so the more dispassionately because now both she and her sister were far above me, though, knowing my own kind, I wondered where either could find any man worthy.
  • Yes--or drunk, because now he had seen the eyes, and yet he did not know their colour!
  • It's lucky for James of the Glens that I have boasted beforehand; and none so unlucky for myself, because now I'm committed to do right.
  • He took its first steps in a bound, but, as his brain became more perfectly awake, confusion of thought, wonder, a certain timidity because now the screaming had ceased, caused him to slacken his pace.
  • Reuben tried to put the thought away, and succeeded, because now every nerve of observation in him had grown taut to the edge of agony, and the focal point was not Captain Jenks.
  • Because now, you see," and here he turned to the policeman and went on, "Mr. Cornell will now accuse us of having washed his car to destroy the evidence.
  • It's very jolly, because now I can plot things out my own way, and do them without hurting my back.
  • And that was how Tiny Luttrell opened her heart a second time to Ruth, her sister, who was of less comfort to her even than before, because now her open heart was also the cradle of a waking soul.
  • The distinction is so obvious that it seems rather difficult to conceive that it could have been overlooked by the earliest anatomists; but, in point of fact, it is only obvious because now it has been familiarly taught for almost a century.
  • Then the thief turned away from the arched emptiness of the grand staircase, and in a far corner of the hall he found himself speaking in a whisper because now it seemed to him that nothing would serve but that this clamorous silence should be stilled by a human voice.
  • He clenched his fist and shook it so near her that she started back, "because now you look as if you'd blow my brains out.
  • Since 1882 we have not been favored with a visit from any fine comet; but we are prepared to give any such a reception worthy of their magnificence: first, because now that we have fathomed them we are no longer awestruck; second, because we would gladly study them more closely.
  • This sinful compliance of Dougal's angered the Bailie so much that he cried to the soldiers to take Dougal away, because now he deserved hanging for his treachery more than ever.
  • Not as many as I did at first, because now only the new ones stop in there--the others go right along through.
  • Such, too, was the argument (used to support the doctrine that tithes fall on the landlord) that, because now the rent of tithe-free land exceeds that of tithed land, the rent from the latter would be increased by the abolition of all tithes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Because Now | Because Now Sentence

  • Because now my Mike says he must not stay at home!
  • I knew what he meant, because now I learn the nuances of English words.
  • I wish it were the custom, because now I'd have to marry you, Ned, wouldn't I?
  • Because now everybody knows that dinner is to be eaten at twelve o'clock.
  • I say was, because now I don't consider myself her husband at all.
  • Because----" "Now why in the world should it trouble me?
  • Because, now since I had seen those red spots on his cheeks
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