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  • Because one thing leads to another.
  • I ask because one has never heard any tales.
  • Oh, because one is never certain.
  • And because one woman deceived you, you despise them all!
  • But that is only because one has not thought the matter out.
  • Because one who loves only himself can never love anyone else.
  • One sings because one can't help it!
  • One does not marry a man simply because one has no particular objection to him.
  • It's going to war because one is angry.
  • Because one you stick with a lick, and the other you lick with a stick.
  • It is one of the slowest, because one of the most durable, of agencies.
  • Because one undoubted fact is a mystery, is every mystery an undoubted fact?
  • Because one cannot, one will not, and he that would absorb will never forgive.
  • The belief is excusable, because one may see the proof of it almost every day.
  • In any case, because one can always close a book, my friend need not be bored.
  • And Aunt Cordelia had thought it was because one was growing too fast.

How To Use Because One In A Sentence?

  • We cannot assume because one is constitutionally acceptable that the others are too.
  • Tell him to be careful, because one of the gang has come down the channel after him.
  • One is not sad because one has been allowed to do the one thing one wanted to do?
  • Because one sentry has a scuffle with some night prowler is the next to lose his nerve?
  • I call it incompetent because one can perceive no sort of collective efficiency in its work.
  • It does not follow that because one palmist has been at fault, all palmists are at fault.
  • The soul is too rich in resources to let all its interests fail because one fails.
  • She got her name because one night a drunken soldier staggered into the hut and asked for her.
  • That was because one edge had scraped too hard against the side of the hill, perhaps.
  • But three-quarters of life continues bearable enough because one does not put things frankly.
  • Did you ever see a ma cat get mad because one of her kittens was born with sore eyes?
  • Never mind; shall one go over to the side of evil because one despairs of vanquishing it?
  • I think it was because one of the kangaroos at Blenheim had just died in childbirth.
  • From her I learned that because one is an actress it is not necessary to be a slattern.
  • When she walked, one could hardly walk himself; because one wanted to stand and look after her.
  • To make sad eyes and draw a mouth because one is to be the wife of a rich general....
  • I did not starve, because one of them took me for a servant; but I ran away from him.
  • I was strongly tempted, but I could not go there with propriety, because one goes in a boat.
  • The Heavenly Father of our earthly good, Because one atheist hath his God denied!
  • I fancy it is because one sees oneself in them surrounded by the magical glamour of an incorruptible destiny.
  • I refer to the pulpit because one gross and disgusting instance of clerical ferocity has lately been reported.
  • Should one desert the only people belonging to one in the world because one happens to have a little income and they have none?
  • For a million years the fish we call the sole had a headache because one of its eyes was slowly traveling through its head.
  • The world does not stand still because one heart has ceased to beat and another longs to be at rest forever.
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