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  • I know, because these make me feel .
  • This is natural because these problems vary widely in nature.
  • We are anarchists precisely because these privileges revolt us.
  • Because these missions are born through wisdom and sound judgment.
  • Was it because these beautiful creatures could not be bound to any one woman?
  • My men had known it, because these things become speedily known to natives.

How To Use Because These In A Sentence?

  • Is it not because these metals are distributed in the world in different proportions?
  • The institutional difficulties occur because these relations appear to be competitive.
  • It could not be because these gentlemen did not know the arguments and see the necessity.
  • It is degradation to a man to live on husks, because these are not his true food.
  • I have skimmed over my travels thus far, because these do not concern the reader.
  • Because these last few days they have done nothing but hang round me to try to make me talk.
  • It was because these weapons, when thrown from the hand, could not strike deadly blows.
  • Do not think that, because these great cities gave me a flattering reception, my work ceased.
  • It was called Grapevine because these grapevines twined around the house and arbors.
  • She did so with the more readiness because these suggestions were so skillfully contrived as to seem the epitome of unselfishness.
  • It is probably because these insects are mostly nocturnal and predacious that they do not present more vivid hues.
  • Father says that's because these rooms are used for receptions, and there is such a crowd.
  • We give him a maximum of fresh air and sunlight because these are the great enemies of all kinds of bacteria.
  • Because these institutions can be patched as occasion may require, they are retained for patching on occasion.
  • It could not be otherwise; because these obligations grow up and weave themselves into the very nature of the people of our republic.
  • Men collect things because these things stir imagination and link them with the people who once possessed and used these things.
  • Because these enemies of civilization lacked coherence in action there would be slim chance of rounding them up in bulk.
  • Perhaps this material was considered a fish medicine because these larvae are said to be generated from the scales of a giant fish.
  • And the reason why such homes and such villages are so often barren of grace and variety is just because these fine qualities have not ruled them.
  • It wouldn't surprise me, because these hard storms are not the ones that last for days.
  • I have illustrated this from resolutions, because these give statements in words easily comparable with what has come to pass.
  • The demand for high explosives from the front could not be met because these also are largely coal-tar products.
  • I say this because these other people, whoever they are, should have come forward and made themselves known.
  • It is because these scandals are now in a course of revival that I advert to this matter at such length.
  • That part of mass, which we have described was called the mass of the catechumens, because these were allowed to be present at it.
  • Here is a case differing from that of the ordinary crooked rug, because these bags were originally made straight and true.
  • He was strongly advised not to go, because these highlanders resent more or less the presence of strangers at their funeral ceremonies.
  • The King fraternized only with soldiers because these were above other classes and belonged more or less to his own order.
  • The same principle applies equally to the moral and intellectual powers, because these operate by means of material organs.
  • They do not break through the trammels of custom, not so much because these trammels are strong, as because their impulses are weak.
  • Concern about soap and sanitation, hygiene and the conveniences of life grows because these all go to make up the soil in which the person grows.
  • So now they took but few horses at a time, because these rivers were very deep and no one could cross them except at these rock fords.
  • No woman ought to arrive at this terrible state of misery, because these symptoms are a sure forerunner of womb troubles.
  • I call it vital truth, because these chief lines are always expressive of the past history and present action of the thing.

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