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  • I bedecked myself with all my care.
  • This worthy wore a flowing wig and a shirt bedecked with frills.
  • In the church were placed monstrous images, bedecked with gold-woven dresses.
  • The "regal crown" was a huge hat bedecked with two enormous donkey ears.

How To Use Bedecked In A Sentence?

  • Towns and villages were bedecked with flags, and joyous peals rang out from every belfry.
  • Her dresses were always highly coloured, while her hats were bedecked with big feathers.
  • Primroses simply bedecked the hedges, while the whole countryside was ablaze with wild-flowers.
  • The world wore her white robes of the season, bedecked with a thousand sparkling jewels.
  • In the centre of the stage, an orange-tree, laden with fruit and bedecked with ribbons.
  • The lean, veined neck, bedecked with diamonds, was still poised proudly on the bent shoulders.
  • Frequently their horses are gaily bedecked with bridles and saddles heavily weighted with silver ornaments.
  • The autumn leaf that had bedecked the trees was lying upon the ground, its brightness soiled and tarnished.
  • He came on deck bravely bedecked in his new slop-chest clothes, a suit of shiny, unstained dungarees.
  • The eye of the young Indian kindles with pleasure at sight of his bride so gayly bedecked with all the insignia of her rank.
  • Joe became occupied, hardly more than noticing that she had been whisked away in a hoverlimousine, ornately bedecked with official flags and stars.
  • She smiled at him, looking at his eyes; his mop of black hair, now bedecked with great white snowflakes.
  • Laura was dreadfully alarmed, and screamed; and while she was screaming, in came a great man, his face all bedecked with paint.
  • Just when my eyes were averted for an instant, the Christmas-tree bedecked vehicle in front of me decided to drop its load.
  • Her firlgers were bedecked with costly rings, and upon her head she wore an ornament of singular device, which soon attracted universal attention.
  • At Christmas time the little bark chapel at Caughnawaga was aglow with lights and bedecked with evergreens.
  • He found the workers just streaming back from church, careless, happy, and bedecked in gay yellows, reds, and blues.
  • Here is shown a woman gorgeously clothed, prodigally bedecked with jewels, and having a cup in her hand, made of gold, but full of vile filth.
  • From the very first day an empty house had been bedecked with the title of hospital, and adorned with the scutcheon of the Red Cross.
  • A woman, gaudily bedecked in soiled finery, her face giving evidence of the frequent use of rouge and powder, watched her, and followed, pondering.
  • When Walker arrived in New York a few weeks later he found the city bedecked with flags and bunting in his honor.
  • Thus arrayed, taking no heed of the jests and chatter of the multitude, they were led to the front of the bedecked timber stand which they had seen on the previous night.
  • But after they had been talking thus a while saw they that four more ships came sailing by, and one of these was a dragon, large indeed, and bedecked with gold.
  • Peeping within-doors, we perceive the whitewashed walls bedecked with sundry lithographic prints and advertisements of various import and the immense show-bill of a wandering caravan.
  • They drew in their horses; the black one became restive, eyed with obvious disapproval a gaily bedecked body of men swinging smartly along toward them.

Definition of Bedecked

Covered; encrusted; arrayed. | simple past tense and past participle of bedeck
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