Bedouin In A Sentence

Definition of Bedouin

A desert-dweller, especially a member of a nomadic Arab desert tribe.

How To Use Bedouin In A Sentence?

  • Camels are mentioned among the booty obtained from the Bedouin of the desert.
  • It is more dangerous to meet a Bedouin than a lion when you are a stranger on the road.
  • Scarcely any of the Bedouin can read, and they have neither schools nor mosques.
  • On the borders of the wilderness he found certain Bedouin herdsmen who received him hospitably.
  • Larsagny bowed deeply; the Bedouin answered the greeting by placing his right hand over his heart.
  • Now things proceeded in one-two-three order, and the whole Bedouin band speedily disappeared.
  • Now things proceeded in one-two-three order, and the whole Bedouin band speedily disappeared.
  • The better classes have their slaves to do the hard work but the Bedouin women and the poor have to do all the toil and never get a rest.
  • For the possession of the springs and pasture lands they fought with the energy and craft that characterize the Bedouin tribes to-day.
  • And when he had all their valuables he laid them on the footboard, and then, as we passed some Bedouin tents, he kicked them off.
  • Soon the danger was rendered more acute by the irruption out of the desert of swarms of Bedouin Arabs bent on plunder.
  • But the Bedouin in their flowing silks, the betasselled camels, and the background of the desert made a picture which delighted her eyes.
  • The post at Dueidar was an isolated detachment garrisoning an oasis in which the Bedouin were in the habit of holding a weekly market.
  • Looking round Forder saw a wild troop of Bedouin robbers galloping after them as hard as they could ride.
  • The Bedouin women with their unveiled faces, tattooed in blue, strode to the bazaars with the butter they had brought in from their desert herds.
  • Meanwhile a patrol of Bedouin horsemen, who were keeping watch on the bank, perceived the three riders and their leader, and challenged them.
  • I came alone as one would come to the tent of a Bedouin chief whose son one had slain, and ask for food and safety.
  • Maria is as great a Bedouin as myself, and with as strong a taste for vagabondage; she 'll have no difficulty in housing herself, that's certain.
  • Margot is married to Chough, our whilom colleague, and makes her migration in his Bedouin train, and does not know how once she thrilled us.
  • Here, seated upon the floor in a group were about a dozen men, all armed, and by their dress and appearance evidently Bedouin Arabs.
  • Today throughout many parts of Palestine one may still see, close to the cities, the black tents and the flocks of the Bedouin immigrants.
  • At times, however, these fail to meet the needs even of the modern Bedouin inhabitants of this South Country.
  • A hundred yards behind us, his bright-brown body sharply outlined against the pale, amber-colored sky, stood a little Bedouin smiling down upon us.
  • The man was an uncultured semi-barbarous Son of Nature, much of the Bedouin still clinging to him: we must take him for that.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bedouin | Bedouin Sentence

  • In the scant attire of a Bedouin maid.
  • How hard the Bedouin girls have to work!
  • He was not a singer; he was the Bedouin lover.
  • The Bedouin are divided into many tribes and clans.
  • The word Bedouin means a desert-dweller.
  • A Bedouin came and sat by us without speaking a word.
  • Another child is born of a Bedouin Arab.
  • Not so the Bedouin child Noorah and her younger sister.
  • The bedouin had put the desert behind him and stared at another, the sea.
  • She was visualizing the Bedouin who came on his horse to declare his passion.
  • Every oasis had its school, while teachers were sent to the Bedouin tribes.
  • I have a Bedouin prince for a friend who accompanied me to Paris.
  • In the Melleha we saw two laden with straw, with their Bedouin keepers.
  • Oh, for the East, the warm and kindly, To sing and ride, a Bedouin bold!

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