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  • All superficial accumulations were swept away, and the bedrock was exposed.
  • Madam, if you ask me, I consider Bedrock a grossly overrated monarch.

How To Use Bedrock In A Sentence?

  • The bedrock on which they fought was slippery where ice had formed in the crevices.
  • But the bedrock is exposed in places and the earth is not more than 2 feet thick anywhere.
  • Following the bedrock as a floor, the western side of the deposit was first examined.
  • Exposure of bedrock on the outside shows that the earth deposit in either is not over 2 or 3 feet deep.
  • Earth for leaching was removed to such an extent that bedrock is now exposed near the entrance and at several places within.
  • A crevice in the bedrock just at the end of the artificial wall contained several wagonloads of small rocks which had been thrown into it.
  • To the south of the meadow the drainage deepens, then reaches bedrock as it approaches the pour-off.
  • The getting right down to the bedrock of nature, so to speak, without too much highly developed civilisation.
  • Firm-fixed it stood upon its bedrock of tradition that in matters of fraud, crime should be punished to the full limit of the law.
  • As some of them weighed several tons, the danger became too imminent, and efforts to continue along the bedrock had to cease.
  • Apparently the bedrock lies at a considerable depth; it is not visible at any point in the steep ravine leading from the mouth of the cave to the river.
  • The bedrock difficulty is that Indian customs prevent any kind of intimacy between English and Indian families.
  • The depth from front to back, under the projecting or overhanging unremoved bedrock above, is generally much less than the length as measured along the face of the bluff.

Definition of Bedrock

(uncountable, geology, mining, engineering, construction) The solid rock that exists at some depth below the ground surface. Bedrock is rock "in place", as opposed to material that has been transported from another location by weathering and erosion. | A basis or foundation.
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