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How To Use Bedroom In A Sentence?

  • When they came back to the bedroom the strange man was talking to him once more about his father.
  • In my bedroom there is a row of four little brown heads asleep on their pillows.
  • I remained for a moment or so on the big landing, hesitating between my bedroom and my study.
  • Going to the wing, the examining magistrate began his work by examining the bedroom door.
  • Caroline drew Nancy into the seclusion of her bedroom and clutched her violently by the arm.
  • At length, in a sudden pause, a lusty yell from the bedroom fell on their ears.
  • Whispering Smith walked into the bedroom and disposed himself in an incredibly short time.
  • Across the rear of parlor, chimney and bedroom ran the long, low sunshiny kitchen.
  • At this point I saw my wife look quickly at the bedroom key she had in her hand.
  • I was sitting in my bedroom early in the day, reading by myself, when I heard a knock at the door.
  • His bedroom was always littered with books, English, French, and German, in wild disorder.
  • There is not a vacant stall in the stables, nor an unoccupied bedroom among all the seventeen of the spacious mansion.
  • A glance at the big clock in the tower opposite her bedroom window convinced her that her watch was to be taken seriously.
  • Suddenly, the secret corridor occurred to her, which led from her bedroom to her husband's.
  • He locked himself into his bedroom with his child, and droned out, to soothe her, a fantasia on the violoncello.
  • In spite of the huge bedroom suite with its streaked and speckled mirrors, the room seemed half furnished.
  • With a sudden suspicion she went into the bedroom with the candle, and looked in the wardrobe made out of six yards of cretonne.
  • With a gesture of impatient defiance he returned to his bedroom and drew a black bottle of rye whisky from beneath the mattress of his bed.
  • Her own bedroom opened off the room in which she was now trapped; but it was a mere cubby-hole without an outer door or even a window.
  • There are a bedroom and parlour, with an ante-room between giving access to both from the courtyard, a storeroom, and a kitchen.
  • But they did not let their bedroom under seven shillings, and this seemed to Hubert to be an extravagant price.
  • We put out the lamps, and on the hall table found our bedroom candles, which we lit preparatory to climbing the stairs.
  • There was another room behind the bedroom at Weech's, which he had never thought about.
  • Its rich, inanimate air proclaimed the room to be an expensive bedroom in a first-class London hotel.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bedroom | Bedroom Sentence

  • My bedroom opened on to a large, dark landing.
  • Aunt Sarah sniffed as she took her bedroom candle.
  • I went into the bedroom with the telegram concealed somewhere on my person.
  • Your bedroom should never be at a temperature above sixty-five degrees.
  • She left her bedroom fully an hour earlier than was her wont.
  • They went to the garden, into which the bedroom window opened.
  • When she arose it was to find her bedroom empty, and her bed made up.
  • She did this work in her bedroom at night, and kept her record hidden.
  • Outside his bedroom window, a hugely amplified voice was howling.
  • The door of Klausoff's bedroom was found locked.
  • The door into the ole man's bedroom opened then, and he come walkin' out.
  • After supper Bran was bathed before the bedroom fire and put to bed.
  • She went into the bedroom and calling, "John!
  • Young George, looking out of his bedroom window, found life very good.
  • When she entered the bedroom again, Ada was whispering rapidly to Ray.
  • She came into Aunt Priscilla's bedroom later to talk it over.

Definition of Bedroom

A room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping.
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