Bee in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Bee

1. And this shoold bee the howse. 🔊

2. These ought not bee in such a brotherhood. 🔊

3. And shame of men on whom to bee revendgd! 🔊

4. These thinges shoold not bee trifled. 🔊

5. This surplusadge of joy should not bee forged. 🔊

6. Lett it bee made my woorke of charity. 🔊

7. Breake his woord if it bee to com to dinner or supper! 🔊

8. Feigne to bee deaf of purpose, and of slight! 🔊

9. I finde, is woondrous hard to bee supprest. 🔊

10. The parasites of the Humble bee are numerous. 🔊

11. If they but scape the next There may bee hope of safetye. 🔊

12. Three hondred, 4, nay fyve So nothinge bee diminisht. 🔊

13. Yes, syr, strange newes, And scarce to bee beleaved. 🔊

14. In all this you'l bee slack in nothinge? 🔊

15. The inflammation caused by the sting of the bee is due to formic acid. 🔊

16. Give me your licenses, they shall bee seal'd. 🔊

17. Wherever a squirrel or a bee can go with security, I can go. 🔊

18. They have allredy warmed my hart within, Why may not these bee they? 🔊

19. I turne backe to you, Doubling my chast vow to bee ever true. 🔊

How to use Bee in Sentences?

1. If all bee common that the sea yeelds why then is not that as much mine as thyne? 🔊

2. Since that time he had always made it a practice to move away when a bee came too close. 🔊

3. Most strange it is that the pursude is fownd To bee the murderer, the pursuer slayne. 🔊