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  • Do you see that beech tree?
  • There was a bench under the beech tree shade.
  • The path lay through beech woods.
  • Down there in the beech wood there is a beautiful glade.
  • It was extremely pleasant out under the beech trees.
  • Reuben knew he was near the beech tree.
  • The rooks are stringing for the old beech copse.
  • She shivered as the old beech stock loomed up before her.
  • It was a beech forest, but in it were birches and oaks.
  • Made in small lots and cured in a tub with beech shavings.
  • Just beside the spring stood a big beech tree.
  • The beech leaf has two long strap-like stipules.
  • I went in search, and found her in the beech wood.
  • Yes, the latches too, and the young growth of beech trees.
  • Martin (pine or beech martin): about the same quantity.
  • Moved to Beech Grove.
  • On the Parsons estate is a weeping Beech of unusual size.
  • And beech trees in their infancy do well under the shade of other trees.
  • Some would consider the beech the most beautiful of all nut trees.
  • The sunbeams shone through the beech leaves and danced in her grey eyes.
  • It kept hopping around in that big beech tree across the brook.
  • For two hours our path threaded its way through dense beech forests.
  • Here he saw deer feeding, and he came after a while to a beech grove.
  • Here the elms ceased, and enormous woods of beech took their place.
  • The beech was widely distributed in the woodland of southern Ontario.

How To Use Beech In A Sentence?

  • There are various other sounds that come to you if you sit quietly in a beech wood.
  • This was as self-evident as that the pine is straight and the beech is hard wood.
  • Groves of beech and oak are springing up in the shelter of their hardier evergreen kin.
  • In the upland woods of beech and maple it is a more familiar sound than in these solitudes.
  • Those big beech woods are rather a puzzle to anybody who is not familiar with the country.
  • In the beech woods they can find a forest worm that is riddling the leaves of the beeches.
  • The ruddy-twigged beech trees at the vicarage gate were shaken and buffeted by the storm.
  • The camp appeared to be strung through the whole beech grove that covered the crest of the hill.
  • They sat in a beech wood together, and told each other stories of their childhoods.
  • At the beech he whipped about to meet the angry face of his competitor ten yards behind.
  • She stood under the shade of a great overhanging beech tree, and waited until he appeared.
  • Robin crawled out on a strong beech branch, brushed aside the leaves and peered in.
  • At that moment there came to meet her from behind a great beech tree a slender little lady.
  • The beech woods on this part of the river were remarkably fine, their foliage green and yellow.
  • One represents a nest in a hollow beech tree, in which a pair of gray squirrels bred for years.

Definition of Beech

A tree of the genus Fagus having a smooth, light grey trunk, oval, pointed leaves and many branches. | The wood of the beech tree.
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