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  • Had it been designed as a warning?
  • The air apparatus had been designed for a crew of five.
  • The air apparatus had been designed for a crew of five.
  • This had been designed for him by an engineer named Tatin.
  • The Internet itself could have been designed differently.
  • From the first moment of his thinking of it it had been designed for Amy.

How To Use Been Designed In A Sentence?

  • The illustrations have been designed and engraved specially for the lessons in which they occur.
  • It was a counter stroke which the national movement had been designed to forestall.
  • A new cabinet for the kitchen has been designed which is a very handy thing for use.
  • Santiago harbor seemed to have been designed as a place of refuge for a hard-pressed fleet.
  • The remark was unintelligible to him, apart from the comforting it had been designed to give.
  • An undertaking of such immense labour, could not have been designed for temporary use.
  • They had a religious origin, having been designed to propitiate the gods of deformity and disease.
  • Had the Fram not been designed as she was, we should not have been sitting here now.
  • Sumter, still unfinished, had been designed for a garrison of six hundred and fifty combatant men.
  • These camps had all of them been designed by Nicholas I., and they serve his purpose to this day.
  • Up to date, these vessels have been designed by Major Gross and Oberingenieur Basenach.
  • Moreover, so cunningly had it been designed and built that it seemed to have been in its place from the beginning.
  • A double hoist has been designed which has the advantage that if one elevator breaks down the work of the furnace is not interrupted.
  • It may have been designed to carry a wooden spire, such as was afterwards erected on the bell-tower.
  • It appeared to us as if that speech had been designed to lay the basis of a contemplated movement against the agitation of the most decisive kind.
  • She was a curious woman, whose dresses always looked as if they had been designed in a rage and put on in a tempest.
  • He would say, that this system of channels must have been designed, it answers its purpose so effectually.
  • The place of meeting was a temporary one: it had been designed for an hotel, and was in the immediate vicinity of the capitol.
  • So, slowly but surely, it slid down the hill and finally rested on the foundations which had been designed for the summer house.
  • This monument seems to have been designed principally for the sake of the inscriptions, which are in Latin.
  • The only suggestion yet made had reference to buildings which, having been designed for office work, were obviously unsuitable.
  • Bathing dresses of the 19th century had been designed to cover, conceal, and obscure not only the torso but the limbs as well.
  • The rocket drill and the eye-bolt had been designed to work together; the hole made by the first was only a trifle larger than the second.
  • But chance led her to a deep, still pool with a bottom of fine sand and a tiny shore of pebbles that seemed to have been designed for bathing.
  • The dress was a magnificent one, as magnificent a dress as a great store can turn out; its lines had been designed by a justly famous designer.
  • The code of Manu presents a disarranged mass of regulations, in so much that some have supposed the disorder to have been designed.
  • Was it possible that I might have been designed by Providence as the instrument of their conversion?
  • The glass has been designed to give the effect of older glass, and, so far as that is possible, it may claim to be a success.
  • Mr. Growther persisted in occupying the kitchen, leaving what had been designed as the parlor or sitting-room of his cottage to dust and damp.
  • Apparatus has been designed so as to handle soured milk on a large scale, and one of the machines is shown on the illustration (see Fig.
  • This book has been designed with a view to meet an extensive demand for definite data on the subject of Soured Milks.
  • In only one case does it appear that the resemblance was thought to be useful, and to have been designed as a means to a definite and intelligible purpose.
  • The reason was the assumption that the apparent absence of definiteness in national purpose must have been designed as a cover for hidden and selfish ends.
  • Every chair and table had been designed by Mrs. Rayne, and then realized in black wood by the patient hands of natives.
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