Been His In A Sentence

How To Use Been His In A Sentence?

  • When has pride been his bane?
  • This had been his unselfish work.
  • Privilege would have been his gospel.
  • What had been his strength was now his weakness.
  • The professor had been his guardian.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Been His | Been His Sentence

  • She should have been his.
  • They have been his companions.
  • That heart had been his.
  • He treated him just as if he had been his own.
  • What had she to do with anything that had been his?
  • But they had been his undoing.
  • They had been his refuge.
  • It had not been his fault at all.
  • And what had he lost that had been his before?
  • Surely it had not been his fault.
  • He unhitched them just as if they had been his own.
  • What had been his reward?
  • That had been his signal!
  • What has been his training?
  • She had been his favourite niece.
  • What could have been his fault?
  • That had been his attitude on the station.
  • What has been his walk in life?
  • What can have been his up-bringing?
  • The men had been his friends.
  • Surely she had been his good friend.
  • I wish it had been his neck.
  • Pleasant had been his journey to this point.
  • And sorry had been his recompense.
  • Green had been his favorite color.
  • What happiness might not have been his?
  • Chivalry had always been his weakness.
  • Plainly very great had been his wickedness.
  • How appealing had been his surrender!
  • But it could have been his nose.
  • Prison has always been his dread.
  • I have never been his rival.
  • And what had been his unrecorded fate?
  • She had once been his promised wife.
  • When has mammon been his god?
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