Been Lost In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Been Lost | Been Lost Sentence

  • Babylonia had been lost.
  • Time had been lost already.
  • But there all trace had been lost.
  • Our gramaphone has been lost.
  • No time has been lost.
  • You could have been lost!
  • No men have been lost there.
  • But for those beasts we should have been lost.
  • Nielsen had been lost most of the day.
  • The point has been lost.
  • Four hundred had been lost.
  • It was feared that she had been lost.
  • All had been lost but honor.
  • Nothing has ever been lost.
  • The other had been lost in youth.
  • And he has been lost ever since.
  • It had been lost to the world for ages.
  • My niece has been lost for a week!
  • The extremity of the handle has been lost.
  • A line has here been lost in the original.
  • She had been lost in happy thoughts.
  • The work of these men has not been lost.
  • Nor has the moral of his remark been lost on me.
  • The second kitten had been lost.
  • Too much time had been lost.
  • All traces of it appear to have been lost.
  • Much has been lost, but more has been saved.
  • But the weapon had been lost in the tumble down the cliff.
  • What a pity that so fine an ordeal has been lost!
  • It appears as if some of the last pages have been lost.
  • Something had to be done or the day would have been lost.
  • So much time has been lost already.
  • One whose freedom has been lost by wager.
  • If it ever had any, it has been lost.
  • More than three-quarters of these writings have been lost.

How To Use Been Lost In A Sentence?

  • My last note to you seems by some means to have been lost.
  • As it is, the prestige has been lost on the other side.
  • A good twenty-four hours have been lost.
  • Has my story of that pearl and onyx pin been lost on you?
  • Not one real of said property has been lost.
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