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  • Several times already they had been recognized.
  • They have been recognized as fundamental from antiquity.
  • He had been recognized at last, he had come to life.
  • Probably he had been recognized as an officer escaping from the enemy.
  • This conclusion as to the nature of love has long been recognized by thinkers.
  • The possibility of writing sound has been recognized for a century past.
  • Woman has been recognized by the world as man's helpmate.
  • They stood their ground, knowing they had been recognized as intruders.
  • Once they have been recognized, the inner meaning of the play becomes clear.
  • He had been recognized by the Mohawks as one of their chieftains.
  • The material cause, he says, had been recognized from the first.
  • At last I've been recognized.
  • The evils connected with so-called "truck payments" have long been recognized.
  • So far as The Spider knew, he had not been recognized by any one.
  • He had been recognized in the street and followed to Pip's rooms.
  • The woman has been recognized by Mahr's butler as the one he admitted.

How To Use Been Recognized In A Sentence?

  • It has been recognized from the very beginning of the study of animals and plants.
  • It merely means that the relative validity of that philosophy has been recognized.
  • Now squares and cubes have been recognized from time immemorial as useful ornamental motifs.
  • Kewok is the being in whom a Norse divinity has been recognized by one or two well-known scholars.
  • Formal causes had, perhaps, been recognized by the Pythagoreans, for numbers are forms.
  • It was an absurd supposition, because the marks had been recognized as made by Marie Fauville.
  • The vast significance of Hypothesis in the theory of Scientific Method has never been recognized.
  • The independence of the United States had just been recognized by Great Britain.
  • Evidently this property plays a part in the preparation of emulsion which has not until now been recognized.
  • There are few disputed questions between them and their husbands, but the duty of obedience seems to have been recognized.
  • In some states this evil has been recognized by legislation prohibiting the combination of industrial and merchandising functions.
  • It has been recognized in all branches of engineering that a definite advance is possible only when quantitative data exists.
  • His own face and head were so covered with dust and blood that he could not have been recognized for a white man.
  • Ownership of literary property at common law appears indeed to have been recognized in some earlier statutes.
  • The result is that from that time on ordinary copyright has been recognized except in so far as it is sanctioned by statute.
  • In the four books under consideration, all the necessary conditions appear to have been recognized and fulfilled.
  • The correction of faults of production has always been recognized as one of the most important elements of vocal training.
  • His face was very soft; so soft and tender it would never have been recognized by his dance-hall flames.
  • His gait was uncertain and shambling, so little characteristic of him that if any one had met him in the dark he would not have been recognized.
  • Then any meritorious action on your part would have been noted and reported to the authorities, and your good conduct would have been recognized.
  • Finger-prints, in those days, had not yet been recognized by the public or the police as effective means of identification.
  • Such homogeneousness, as has long been recognized, works powerfully for the political coalescence of separate communities.
  • Upon it might have been recognized some fragments of that agglutination of yellow limestone which is characteristic of the coast of Provence.
  • The orders of the state ought also to have been recognized in those amongst whom alone they existed in freedom, that is, in the emigrants.

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