Been There In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Been There | Been There Sentence

  • Had you only been there!
  • She has been there before.
  • If you had only been there!
  • Then you have not been there?
  • I had been there before.
  • I have been there myself.
  • She had not been there.
  • It had not been there the night before.
  • Someone had been there in his absence.
  • How long had he been there?
  • I should have been there but two.
  • I had never been there.
  • Years and years she has been there.
  • Mariquita had she been there to see.
  • The two who had been there were there.
  • I have been there already.
  • He had never been there before.
  • Or had they been there forever?
  • You ought to have been there.
  • You have been there an hour.
  • I have been there often.
  • I had been there a week.
  • Have you ever been there?
  • He might not have been there.
  • Have you been there lately?
  • He had been there for years.
  • And now she has been there over a fortnight.
  • It had been there and was gone.
  • He had been there all the time.
  • Have you been there to see?
  • They have been there more than a year.
  • You ought to have been there.
  • Some of us have been there.
  • I had last been there.
  • He had not been there for years.

How To Use Been There In A Sentence?

  • She has never been there.
  • If you had only been there before he jumped!
  • I have been there since.
  • She had perhaps been there!
  • He had evidently been there before.

Definition of Been There

past participle of be there
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