Beer In A Sentence

Definition of Beer

(informal, transitive) To give beer to (someone) | One who is or exists.

How To Use Beer In A Sentence?

  • Hatherleigh made an enthusiastic noise and drank beer at him with round eyes over the mug.
  • The quilt is stained with something which looks like beer and smells like beer.
  • Doughy still muttered, but the beer had deadened his senses and his jealous anger had evaporated.
  • He produced half a crown, and declared his willingness to devote it all to beer for my benefit.
  • This I cannot deny, nor that those who survive are simply so tough that beer cannot kill them.
  • When the beer came, Jonah gallantly offered it to Mrs Yabsley, whose face was hot and red.
  • Under the same appellation of nebeedh have been classed the different kinds of beer now commonly called boozeh.
  • You cannot expect your father to banish beer and wine from his table, and to refuse to set them before his guests.
  • One of the most celebrated interiors shows a woman about to let a child drink from a jug of beer at the entrance to a cellar.
  • I want to say right here that no man who sells lager beer can sell whisky fit for gentlemen to drink.
  • Inside, they drank the health of the married couple; but the dozen of beer barely wet their throats.
  • As he very much prefers beer to spirits, it may be a question whether excess in such drinking is really any serious injury to him.
  • The scene is laid in a forge, where the master is eating mussels from a plate that stands beside a glass of beer on a keg.
  • Mead, prepared from the honey of wild bees, was the only intoxicating drink, both beer and wine being unknown.
  • The decanters and wine-bottles on the move, and the beer and soda founts pouring out continual streams, with a whiz.
  • He had a bottle of beer beside him, from which he occasionally filled a glass, held it up to the light, and then emptied it at one draught.
  • The whole company stared at me with a whimsical muggy look, like men whose senses were a little obfuscated by beer rather than wine.
  • Like Brouwer, he painted tavern interiors with men sitting at table before a pot of beer and a game of cards.
  • He soon noticed the restraint which Frank was putting on himself in the matter of drinking beer and wine, and he resolved to break it down.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Beer | Beer Sentence

  • Imagine using waiters in a beer joint.
  • That American beer will be the death of me!
  • Freedom and hot words, free beer and hot sausages!
  • People drank beer as we do coffee. . . .
  • His brother reads in the turbid beer the death of Bitiou.
  • I do not deny that Luther drank freely both beer and wine.
  • But in Leipzig an artist runs no risks: the beer is pure.
  • Fan me, Collie, and slow music and a beer for one.
  • We had a glass of beer together in the Huffbrow Kaif.
  • James, hand the beer again to Master Frank.
  • It's a bitterer beer nor that.
  • But in the pause he remembered the glass of beer at his elbow.
  • So that now it became him to stand beer to many sympathisers.
  • He is taking a glass of beer from the innkeeper's wife.
  • He limited himself to so much beer and wine, and never exceeded.
  • When they first come, they drink liquor or beer all the time.
  • Then, saddened by the beer they had drunk, they grew sentimental.
  • Then, too, the wine and the beer took care and time in the packing.
  • When a cup of beer suddenly grows turbid, then evil has befallen the heart.
  • What do you say to a mug of that excellent beer over in the Cafe garden?
  • But I shall never cease to think of that bottle of beer with gratitude.

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