Begin In A Sentence

Definition of Begin

(transitive, intransitive) To start, to initiate or take the first step into something. | (intransitive) To be in the first stage of some situation | (intransitive) To come into existence.

How To Use Begin In A Sentence?

  • I have thought it but fair to myself, however, to begin by offering this explanation.
  • Let us begin by asking whether he is a man having art or not having art, but some other power.
  • Only when two hours had dragged by, and then two more, did we begin to get anxious.
  • I have heard nothing as yet of the knives, and my made pens also begin to fail.
  • The process continues for six weeks, the nuts being repeatedly turned until they begin to rattle.
  • Because, twenty to one, the first half of the creditors would begin dunning the other.
  • As a rule, begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, end it in conformity with the beginning.
  • As a matter of fact, she does not begin to know the cattle trails as I know them.
  • But if I am to make the attempt, I think that I had better begin at the beginning.
  • But, upon talking with him, I begin to suspect he is as mad as poor Sir Nicholas was.
  • A ludicrous premonition assailed her that in a little while he would begin to talk about his public duty.
  • We therefore begin to study geography with an account of the child's immediate environment.
  • Patricia, with her disquiet mood still hovering about her, came over to the table to watch him begin operations.
  • As a rule, begin each paragraph with a topic sentence; end it in conformity with the beginning 17 10.
  • She might begin innocently with the fit of his new clothes, but as likely as not she would end with revelations of unspeakable horror.
  • And now because a monstrous piece of good luck has made a Crichton of him, you begin to regret the nincompoop!
  • Old age was once said to begin at forty-six; we are more strenuous now; but according to the kindest computations, it had well overtaken her.
  • I have observed that, by an amiable attention of Providence, most people at sixty begin to take a romantic view of themselves.
  • And when the little old lady had come out and gone, Ida would creep from her perch, and begin her breakfast.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Begin | Begin Sentence

  • To-morrow he will begin to live.
  • Now he took a long breath to begin again.
  • Her pains begin to come upon her, nurse.
  • Here will I begin my new life.
  • And where shall I begin the perilous enterprise?
  • I will go down-stairs and send him away to begin with. . .
  • To begin with, his stay in Scotland was a sham.
  • The volumes begin May and November of each year.
  • I begin to fear Some mischief from this Andrian.
  • Would you object to begin with the consideration of the words themselves?
  • Let's begin by having dinner upstairs here by ourselves.
  • We begin to think what might have led up to it, and what it may lead to.
  • I will begin to lose my temper; you must begin to lose yours.
  • Only wipe your wet hands before you begin to feel for them. . .
  • But I didn't bring you out here to begin kidding.
  • On succeeding pages, if using ruled paper, begin on the first line.
  • I shall begin with that in the Middle, which fronts the Gate.
  • Cheer up," said he; "do not let your idea of German life begin here.
  • He said that I ought to begin at once, and that I had already lost two years.
  • To begin with--the girl is educated.
  • When you get on a bit you'll sort of settle down and begin to work it out.

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