Begun In A Sentence

How To Use Begun In A Sentence?

  • I perceive, to my consternation, that he has begun to grow jealous of his authority.
  • A cloud had begun to fleck the horizon; soon would come the sound of the approaching tempest.
  • My husband understands, and I have begun to understand; my father would never have understood.
  • The inhabitants of the surrounding villages have begun to migrate into more distant regions for fear of their terrible neighbour.
  • They must be aware that he had spent large sums in developing property which had not yet begun to pay.
  • We had begun at the dinner table with itineraries and the usual topographical talk, and she had envied our pedestrian travel.
  • Alice had missed what she had once begun to expect, romance and all that it meant; but she had filled with dignity the place she had chosen.
  • The last, which are the most numerous class, are those who have begun and continue low, and who must end the same.
  • In both these examples, the first period should be replaced by a comma, and the following word begun with a small letter.
  • After we had begun work in the morning, he would saunter down to the kitchen and have his coffee, the one person of leisure in the establishment.
  • Patricia was still slightly puzzled, though more confident than she had been before Tancredi had begun her instructions.
  • Archie, struggle as he might, had begun shortly to fall behind with the payments, and had borrowed more money on it to meet them.
  • Emily had begun to undress; and, tearing off her things, she hardly took more than five minutes to get into bed.
  • We had recently arrived in Berlin, at the time, and had begun housekeeping in a furnished apartment.
  • His face, which had begun to grow thinner of late, as well as harder, settled more and more until it looked like gray stone.
  • As we had risen considerably higher than the Gyantse plain, the crops on this and similar ground had hardly begun to show.
  • Quotations of an entire line, or more, of verse, are begun on a fresh line and centered, but need not be enclosed in quotation marks.
  • At Unadilla Brant had begun to fortify an area which lent itself to defence, and thither the tribesmen flocked from the surrounding districts.
  • When I first saw him (indeed, it was the first time and the last), he had just begun to adventure humbly in trade.
  • The rest of the dolls had begun to dance once more, but Dolly Dimple came up to the little girl and took hold of her arm.
  • Mr. Wickersham's attentions to Louise Wentworth had begun to be the talk of the town.
  • It is plain that Mr. Caleb Cushing has begun to feel a wholesome dread of this posthumous retribution.
  • Emily had just begun to speak of her flowers, when they came upon the gardener, who was standing in consternation over the fragments of a broken mowing-machine.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Begun | Begun Sentence

  • Learn then that we have begun the campaign.
  • But now it was wealth that he had begun to seek.
  • Her knees had begun to tremble.
  • The girl had begun to shiver a little.
  • And lately the town has begun to come out to me.
  • He had begun to talk of going away.
  • They've begun late, but now they've got to.
  • I've begun to fear as how I've missed my road.
  • And of late Mr. Rimmon had begun to have hope.
  • Pontiac's star had begun to set.
  • Jolly had begun the intermission overture and the seats were filling up fast.
  • And then he begun doin' circus stunts through them trees.
  • His eyes, which had been burning, had suddenly begun to blaze.
  • To make matters worse, Emily had begun visibly to lose her health.
  • In fact, the forces exerted, against Alice Yorke had begun to tell.
  • It's just only begun to dawn upon me, seeing him now as I do.

Definition of Begun

past participle of begin | (obsolete or nonstandard) simple past tense of begin [17th-20th c.]
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