Behind Their In A Sentence

How To Use Behind Their In A Sentence?

  • Behind their masks they laughed and chattered among themselves and munched pastries.
  • The substitute representatives took their seats on benches behind their masters.
  • The clerks stuck their pens behind their ears and stared after him from the windows.
  • The eighteen men were all brought up to the gallows with their hands tied behind their backs.
  • Several departments of the markets still slumbered behind their closed iron gates.
  • Honora knew this, and was indifferent to the wealth of meaning that lay behind their discretion.
  • Evan still stood with his grip in his hand looking at the boys working behind their desks.
  • Our housekeepers are a species apart, so are our milkmen behind their little carts.
  • But he was behind their god prying open the secret door to the hollow within the statue.
  • Kneeling behind their rocky barrier the two men silently peered into the darkness down the hill.
  • Few storytellers will have had to-day behind their ink-stands so good a day as their colleague.
  • The other children walked behind, their little legs getting scratched with the briers.
  • Every instant they were shot down behind their retreats, until nearly their whole number perished.
  • There was no one to see, for the men on the car were all hidden behind their morning papers.
  • They shrunk behind their guards, whispering something about the unnatural brightness of my eyes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Behind Their | Behind Their Sentence

  • Behind their own goal line.
  • Behind their claim there stands the same dark shadow.
  • Jasper and his companion were still behind their lifeboat.
  • Some placed their hands behind their ears.
  • The children kept on weeping behind their window.
  • His eyes gleamed behind their pince-nez.
  • The contestants must keep their hands behind their backs.
  • I was flat behind their parapet, and hidden.
  • Carrie followed her, closing the door behind their guest.
  • This kept the Boers behind their rocks.
  • And Olivia and Albert came forth behind their dead.
  • They're behind their time as it is.
  • Stanton's eyes flamed behind their glasses.
  • Even in daylight they would have been invisible behind their leafy screen.
  • When the flights of arrows came they knelt behind their shields.
  • Hager stopped the sled behind their protection for a short rest.
  • The very shopkeepers seem standing behind their counters for amusement.
  • He was convinced that something sinister lay behind their silence.
  • Dil sat in awful fear when the door had closed behind their neighbor.
  • Curious groups sauntered around me, and talked behind their hands.
  • You play the dutiful son and then make fun of your parents behind their backs.
  • Men were talking in undertones to each other; women buzzed behind their fans.
  • He held her eyes, striving to peer behind their curtained windows.
  • You could not tell what dark thoughts lurked behind their wide-set eyes.
  • They lay for hours behind their earthworks, half buried in muddy slime.
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