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  • Not the less were we beholden to them for the time.
  • I shall never be beholden to you for another penny.
  • I've been beholden to 'ee....
  • Won't be beholden to me at any price.
  • That in itself is enough to make us everlastingly beholden to him.
  • He'd rather suffer than be beholden to you for anything.
  • To be beholden for your bread"...
  • She's beholden to you, sir.
  • Therefore I should be the more beholden to you for saving the letters.
  • Well, to the maids 'Tis like we are beholden for this minstrelsy.
  • He's a little beholden to me fer what I done fer him when he was little.

How To Use Beholden In A Sentence?

  • With the sense of power stirring within him, he refused to be beholden to any man.
  • Cast out on all sides, by friends and family alike, he would be beholden to no one in the world.
  • I will allow that the dark Emperor to whom we were so much beholden gave us courteous keeping.
  • I'm not disposed to be beholden to your charity, nor to you in any way, as you are aware.
  • He is one had rather perish than be beholden for his life, and strives more to be quit with his friend than his enemy.
  • Unwilling as we both were to be beholden to a bailiff, the alternative of the Fleet was too terrible to be thought of.
  • He advised me to drink my own elixir, and have lots and lots of years in which to find the ivory, without being beholden to him for help.
  • I am sending it back to you, and shall be deeply beholden to you if you will pack up and send to me the one I left.
  • Therefore it is beholden to you to recognise the attention, I mean by a tangible return, as this composition was made by myself.
  • I put my savin's in an old stockin' between my beds, and wa'n't beholden to anybody for advice nor anything.
  • But to be beholden for a gift, which you had refused to accept, and which then, behind your back, was dumped in on you, that was degrading.
  • As the first full glory beholden again of the life new-born That hails and applauds with inaudible music the season of morn.
  • Tho skynnes ben als rede as blode, and thei schynen so brighte azen the sonne, that unethes no man may beholden hem.
  • So full, so deep is the joy that revives for the soul to recover Yearly, beholden of hope and of memory in sunshine and rain.
  • These confederates of his had one thing in common, however; all of them were beholden to Raymond Latour.
  • We found it difficult to remember under how many obligations we were to him, for he almost succeeded in persuading us that it was he who was beholden to us.
  • And I'll never be beholden to you for anything, because my life is no good now, and my mother's life is no good neither.
  • So when Sir Tristram had beholden them long he thought shame to see two hundred knights battering upon twenty knights.
  • He is a reasonable cleanly man, considering the scabs he has to deal with, and your finest ladies are now and then beholden to him for their best dressings.
  • Our textile industries in silk, wool, and linen, calico-printing, glass, paper, and pottery are special beholden to the new arts thus introduced.
  • You are beholden to any lad in the school who will do your sums, and write your exercises for you, and then you take upon yourself to ridicule us if we cannot pronounce our well learnt lessons to your fancy!
  • But this only made way for another trial, whereby I could not but see how much I was beholden to kind Providence.
  • God defend, said Sir Tristram, for I am beholden unto you for your daughter's sake to do for you.
  • And then the lady stepped back, a little to the rear and to the side of the throne, drawing her silken sari over the lovely countenance that would never again be beholden by the people.
  • For I have seen and beholden many tymes that of Parys and that of Costantynoble: for thei were bothe on, made of russches of the see.

Definition of Beholden

Obligated to provide, display, or do something for another; indebted, obliged. | Bound by external expectations, such as fashion or morality.
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