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  • We cherish the thought that the youth of our land are being taught self-restraint.
  • This is a simple teaching rule for getting a clear grasp of what is being taught.
  • They had some blind children, who were being taught to make baskets and brushes.
  • Oh, anybody can use his fists in his own defence, without being taught by prize-fighters.
  • It all comes, in the first instance, of being taught to copy Sophocles and travesty Virgil.
  • There are enough of them so that every one who can be taught something by any of them can be one being taught something.
  • They will learn system and regularity by being taught to perform this simple duty in a proper manner.
  • Very few of this class of workers can sew, and they are being taught how to make all kinds of garments for themselves and others.
  • His thirst for knowledge was that of a being taught by instinct to lay up materials for the exercise of great and undeveloped powers.
  • What is the earliest known instance of the blind being taught to read or write by the instrumentality of raised letters?
  • She was completely devoted to her art, and was now paying her way by teaching, while she was being taught.
  • That one being one learning everything is being one being taught everything by the one that can teach that one everything.
  • If you watch little birds just out of the nest, you may see them being taught how to find their food.
  • You are only a child, but you are a sharp child, and you pick up things almost without being taught.
  • There is a small school in connection with the mission under the baptised teacher, where eight boys and eight girls are being taught.
  • Parents owe it to their children to save them from being taught the false and foolish dogmas of Christianity.
  • He has but a poor nose and is not clever, but he has one strong point, which he developed for himself without being taught.
  • The right to sing a song which belonged to an individual could be purchased, the person buying the song being taught it by its owner.
  • These, of course, went to school every day, and were being taught to appreciate the woefulness of their inheritance.
  • When tiros are being taught their first lesson in sliding, they should be placed on very short slides, say 3 inches at most.
  • Distribute pages from magazines or old readers and let pupils underline words beginning with a certain consonant (the one being taught).
  • The home constituencies are thus being taught the beautiful lesson of the trenches as related to true brotherhood and essential Christianity.
  • Such being the influence of early practice and example, we are glad to find that Economy is now being taught at public schools.
  • Suppose we go and do it, anyhow, Bea, and just let him see that we can manage it without being taught.
  • A few days afterwards, while the building was full of cadets, the class were being taught the process of making fireballs, when one took fire.
  • They are being taught fencing and broadsword and ju-jitsu; I have organized them in military form, with their own sergeants and corporals.
  • We paid twopence a week for being taught reading, and threepence a week for "righting and siphering," as the town clerk entered it on his books.
  • Captain Puffin was being taught a lesson, too, for we are never too old to learn, or, for that matter, to teach.
  • The old lady positively shuddered at coming near the Mission House, and dreaded being taught anything.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Being Taught | Being Taught Sentence

  • Girls are there being taught retail selling.
  • And now I am your teacher and ye are being taught by me.
  • Why, father, I can do that now, without being taught.
  • Think of such an infamous doctrine being taught to children!
  • I don't remember ever being taught them.
  • He should keep himself teachable, or cease the expensive farce of being taught.
  • It seems to take pains to learn, but prefers being taught by children.
  • Muriel, she began to suspect, rather resented the process of being taught.
  • They are respectable, tidy, healthy, and capable of being taught.
  • Although a child, I had a pleasure in being taught by two pretty girls.
  • Importance of Young Girls being taught various Kinds of Stitching.
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