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  • We had believed they were all lost.
  • He believed they were waiting for the canoes.
  • We who knew them believed they were doing well.
  • They believed they had taken in the whole city.
  • She believed they might be wedded in very earnest.
  • They believed they would have some ice-cream.
  • I never believed they would dare.
  • He believed they had learned something important.
  • Both believed they would soon be in touch with the enemy.
  • And Rainey believed they were facts.
  • In this way, they believed, they could best help the army.
  • Deer believed they had gone to meet the scouts from the river.
  • Thus separated they believed they could easily be destroyed.
  • He believed they would find the trail at the base of the ridge.
  • But he believed they all thought it was, and a silly one at that.
  • He believed they intended to kill him and throw his body in the fire.
  • It is believed they were introduced by Teutonic auxiliaries.
  • Frank, however, believed they would soon be free from this fusillade.
  • Nick believed--they found little cause for complaint.

How To Use Believed They In A Sentence?

  • He talked with other young men who believed they were fighting for the same cause.
  • The discoverers believed they had now obtained ample reward for all their toils and trials.
  • They were honest-hearted women of the frontier who believed they were doing the girl a kindness.
  • She unbent so far as to relate briefly what she believed they knew better than herself already.
  • Spotted Deer believed they were restrained by the man whom he took for the war chief.
  • Spotted Deer believed they intended to remain on guard through the balance of the night.
  • Kate said she thought they were mouse-color, while Gertrude believed they were gray.
  • If the Allies counted on any of these men, he believed they were building on quick-sand.
  • The Rebels had also lost heavily; but, as they themselves believed, they were the winners.
  • They were religious enthusiasts, of course, who believed they were coming to a real city of Zion.
  • Further, it is evident that the German people believed they were about to march against Russia.
  • Phil and X-Ray Tyson immediately declared they believed they could never get enough of the dainty.
  • What they had performed for him in this world, it was believed they would perform for him in the world to come.
  • And had she told her relatives that she had kissed him, he firmly believed they would have smiled approvingly.
  • This seems to be some evidence that they believed they could make money even without a database right.
  • Such confusion and howling the boys believed they had never heard before; nor would they ever care to again.
  • Then they laid it in its cradle and the poor parents were deeply grieved, for they believed they had lost their child.
  • He would even imagine her replies to him, until the conversations with her became so real that he half believed they were true.
  • A house close by had been broken into, and though the thieves could not be traced it was believed they were concealed in the tower.
  • A shout from the sharpie had told that the spongers believed they meant to run off, and at the same time one of them was seen flourishing a gun.
  • He tried to calculate from that whining, ferocious note how many hounds were pursuing, and he believed they were not many.
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