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  • She was a believer in justice!
  • Let every believer study to realize this.
  • He was no believer in ghosts and such-like superstitions.
  • I am no believer in new treatments and new medicines.
  • I am a worker, and a believer in the efficacy of work.
  • Why should a believer in God hate an atheist?
  • I was a scoffer before; I am a believer now.
  • As a believer you have part in this Resurrection Life.
  • He had never been a believer in premonitions or superstitions of any kind.
  • The face of the true believer was at this point a fine study.
  • With the spirit of these remarks every believer will cordially sympathize.
  • And then you have been a man of action, and necessarily a believer in success.
  • As a matter of fact, no sin can deprive the believer of salvation.
  • Pray without ceasing that every believer may live as a holy one.
  • It is possible for a believer to dwell in the Holiest of all.
  • He was a firm believer in the Bible and a regular attendant at church.
  • Yet Descartes is a warm believer in the doctrine of free-will.
  • I knew from old that Hollis was a firm believer in the final value of shades.
  • It is your calling as a believer to be God's Holy Temple.

How To Use Believer In A Sentence?

  • Can any believer in the bible give any reasonable account of this process of creation?
  • He was too studied a believer in the puppetry of men and women to make them more than ridiculous.
  • This is a fact that the sincere believer in religion must face whether he wants to or not.
  • As a man of the world, Trenta was a profound believer in the chapter of accidents.
  • For one thing, I am a great believer in the theory that history repeats itself.
  • Charles was a sincere believer but not an earnest believer of the Roman Catholic faith.
  • The result is that the believer does not trouble himself about the world, but only about his own personal salvation.
  • But the believer in democracy and the believer in autocracy will both assert that deep differences in principle are involved.
  • The reality and the image were so intimately commingled in the mind of the believer that he was unable to separate one from the other.
  • He was a great believer in the prefectorial system, and those of the school selected to carry it out were entrusted with large powers.
  • Whatever terms of relationship may have meant in the past, no believer in group marriage contends that they represent anything actually existing.
  • True, she was as much a believer in the military scheme of life as he was, but he knew by instinct that she would draw the line somewhere.
  • Indeed, it intensified them, for he was ever after a confirmed believer in the ignominious failure of Democracy.
  • He had known at the time that his father, had he lived, would have condemned the step; but he himself was a believer in fortunate chances.
  • The believer should not, for one moment, entertain the low view, that the atonement confers its benefits on man alone.
  • I am a firm believer that in selected cases the fasting method would be efficacious, but I do not believe in its general application.
  • As a believer from experience in soot and lime, I prefer this receipt, if the trees were not washed in winter.
  • He was much given to the marvelous, and a firm believer in all those supernatural tales with which every mountain and valley in Germany abounds.
  • As well say this as to say "a sheep can never become a goat" as a proof that a believer may not, can not, cease to be a believer.
  • If faith in God has been attained and his laws have been made clear, the believer will no longer violate those laws; he will obey them.

Definition of Believer

A person who believes; especially regarding religion.
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