Belle In A Sentence

Definition of Belle

An attractive woman.

How To Use Belle In A Sentence?

  • Djidjeli a un port dans lequel on peut mouiller avec confiance pendant la belle saison.
  • Jack made the hat to crown him, while Belle shaped his coat and marked out the buttons.
  • Nature never intended Belle to appear as a gypsy; she had made her too proud and serious.
  • Cora received visits from Belle Cora, who in the past had spent thousands on his legal defense.
  • Old Stacy had a reputed daughter named Antonia, quite a belle in the Spanish way.
  • The route through the valley of La Belle was little known to Federals, and practically unguarded.
  • I became a belle from my first ball, and was soon almost wearied with conquests that caused me no effort.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Belle | Belle Sentence

  • Merci, ma belle etoile!
  • Sono belle armi, perdiana!
  • Parbleu, la belle demande!
  • Aspic de foie gras en belle vue.
  • Lascia che riconduca io le belle fuggitive in patria.
  • Voilà une belle occasion de jouer le dieu.
  • Grecque la belle personne qui captive son attention.
  • A la belle Anglaise!
  • And here the voice of Belle was drowned in her sobs.
  • I, taking Belle by the hand.
  • Le nom resta à la belle Terezia.
  • Arrival of gypsies; Belle goes on short journey.
  • And the valley of La Belle it became.
  • So Belle and I advanced towards our guests.
  • The Belle Voyageuse met shipwreck, and I on board.
  • Mais serais-je aussi belle qu'elle?
  • On my way I met Emily Fleming and Belle Wallace.
  • Elle est trop belle quand elle s'anime ainsi.
  • Le commissaire avait déjà disparu pour obéir à la belle dictatrice.
  • Noi avevamo lasciato le triglie belle e pronte su di un piatto.
  • N'importe, petit homme, belle queue...
  • Non credere che tutte queste belle cose me l'abbia insegnate l'esperienza.
  • La Belle murmurs it as her waters dance and sparkle on their way to the sea.
  • We sat down, and Belle made tea and did the honours of the meal.
  • Je viens vous proposer une belle action, je viens vous proposer de la gloire.
  • La signora Alice andando, diceva tante belle cose alle bimbe.
  • This was Jenny Forbes, the acknowledged belle of the neighbourhood.
  • Tallien, la belle madame Visconti et la belle marquise de Beauharnais.
  • Mr. Chittenden looked for his return to the La Belle in vain.
  • The right leg of the harrow terminates at the hamlet of La Belle Alliance.

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