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  • The bellowing of cows.
  • The voice was bellowing again.
  • The next instant the bellowing recommenced.
  • He stopped and began bellowing and pawing.
  • The softly bellowing telephone distracted him.
  • A chorus of bellowing rose from the frightened herd.
  • The bellowing tribes brought on the savage war.
  • They could hear the bellowing of Big Aleck, beseeching aid.
  • Angela had only observed the visitor as the bellowing steer rushed at him.
  • And now the bellowing guns are loud with the wild lust of fight.
  • It was the bellowing of the wild beast, the real and only one!
  • As we penetrated, the bellowing and barking became more deafening.
  • The mortally-wounded beast sank bellowing down into the long grass.
  • The boatman was rowing at top speed and bellowing like an asthmatic fog horn.
  • He heard the bellowing orders of the Irishman at the controls.
  • His bellowing artillery was charged with Lithuanian tempests.
  • But the bellowing roar continued and he knew Zircon was still alive.
  • All day the town hummed with Gaelic and the round bellowing of cattle.
  • The bellowing bass would pitch back his head and lament the fair Isolde.
  • So he jumped past him, and ran to the stable, bellowing for Williams.
  • Then Gizzard, bellowing with rage, started in to kick the net to pieces.
  • At the Cross I stood and listened to a revivalist bellowing from a soap-box.

How To Use Bellowing In A Sentence?

  • Our attention was called to the bellowing of the ox and the rush of the others towards us.
  • He sprang lightly to the ground, and continued bellowing his raging instructions.
  • It is their breeding time, and the horrible bellowing they make is really hideous to listen to.
  • Right under us the hounds opened up, filling the canyon full of bellowing echoes.
  • That must be what the old warrior was bellowing the day we thought he had said he would kill us.
  • The crowd had risen in a body, shaking their fists and bellowing forth insults.
  • When the waves were high, a noise like that made by a bellowing bull was noticed.
  • The animal surveyed us for a moment with its fierce eyes, and then made off, bellowing hoarsely.
  • Its bellowing seemed to come from all around, from the ground, the trees, the air.
  • The mad, bellowing steers swam after their leader, moving in toward the vortex of the eddy.
  • The paltry Peter began bellowing with deadly fear as the launch was headed away from him.
  • Several times I awoke to see a bellowing monster crash in death at the edge of our camp.
  • Greusel turned back to meet the bellowing mob, while Roland roused the captain and his men.
  • Throughout the camp the drums sonorous beat, With bellowing horns and blasts of trumpet clear.
  • In the midst of this confusion, even before the funnel disappeared, Tim was bellowing a command.
  • Rezu laughed aloud, a bellowing kind of laugh, while Umslopogaas sprang back astonished.
  • And the wide bellowing seas, whose boyling billows roar, 35 Are all these nothing?

Definition of Bellowing

present participle of bellow | The sound produced when someone or something bellows
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