Bellows In A Sentence

Definition of Bellows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bellow | plural of bellow

How To Use Bellows In A Sentence?

  • He made a bellows for the lungs and a very good vocal apparatus out of rubber.
  • She heard bellows of rage off toward the trees in which her companions were perched.
  • Why then come and blow upon the coals with the bellows of your common-place philosophy?
  • The diaphragm is really like a pair of bellows and serves exactly the same purpose.
  • It was too true; the unhappy wretch had cut a hole in the bellows and crawled in.
  • With bellows of rage, three savage bulls with lowered heads charged the blue skirt.
  • But still Siegfried only laughed and sang as he pulled at his bellows or swung his hammers.
  • He springs on them straight Like a wounded old tiger, He bellows like thunder.
  • And there's all the furniture just as it was, down to the bellows and the snuffers.
  • The forge and bellows stood in front of them and the floor was littered here and there with old iron.
  • The bellows being unprovided with a valve can only draw in and emit the air through the reed valves.
  • They were all carrying miniature bellows in their hands, which they were working up and down with great energy.
  • Why does the use of the bellows on the blacksmith's forge cause a more intense heat?
  • So long as the imperfect bellows were used in blowing, the height of the furnace was limited wholly by their action.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bellows | Bellows Sentence

  • The bellows with tube.
  • Who is it that bawls and bellows now?
  • Get all you can of it into those flabby bellows of yours.
  • The bellows increase the glow.
  • Great bellows filled the air.
  • The bellows keep on croaking.
  • An assistant to work the bellows is necessary.
  • A bellows is attached to the brass tube.
  • That bellows was the source of the mysterious breathing.
  • He plied the bellows and the flames leaped up.
  • The air from the bellows creaks through the flues.
  • He pumped his bellows with his back toward us.
  • I heard a string of yelps and bellows from our rear.
  • There were bellows to mend in the Downing camp.
  • But Brock was not left to work the bellows in peace.
  • Then no more was heard than the bellows which fanned the fire of the furnace.
  • I ran into his room and brought the bellows from his fireplace.
  • There is also a crude woodcut of this bellows printed as fig.
  • The bellows consists of the lungs enclosed in the movable thorax.
  • It is often well to use a bellows in getting dirt out of holes and seams.
  • Large size bellows and plateholder, for plates up to 24x24 cm.
  • A breath of wind like a blast from a bellows swirled the flakes abroad.
  • The bellows consisted of two bamboo cylinders, with pistons worked by hand.
  • Each empty bellows would, no doubt, Rise, and aspire to put it out.
  • The pope bellows loudly To busy Pavloosha, The village policeman.
  • No part of the glass-blower's equipment exceeds the bellows in importance.

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