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How To Use Ben In A Sentence?

  • In killing Ben Storms you had no idea of aiding the great cause for which we are fighting.
  • The appearance of Ben Jolly somehow infused all hands with renewed vim and cheerfulness.
  • In this they had been greatly helped by a good-hearted, impulsive fellow named Ben Jolly.
  • That must have been a build-up, but Ben goofed his cue to move in on Sco and me for a close.
  • An hour later, Ben Puryear called from the reactor area, his voice strained with anger.
  • And Betty promised Fred to send both Ben and Bennie to the Clinic for their Medchecks.
  • For the moment Ben caught it and he felt pretty good about the coming night's work.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ben | Ben Sentence

  • Estaran ben contents.
  • I have ben too longe a grizell.
  • Ik ben hun alles verplicht.
  • Ik ben er trotsch op.
  • Ik ben buiten de wet geboren.
  • Ik ben volkomen bereid het te bekennen.
  • Ik ben volkomen zonder middelen en volstrekt zonder tehuis.
  • But Ben moved forward.
  • Heu ordenat, ben segur, els pregons?
  • So, poor Ben is done for.
  • Suddenly, unreasoningly, Ben was furious.
  • Home, Ben left the kart out and conveyed up the walk.
  • Quickly Ben Tilman was on his feet.
  • And still Ben Tilman felt that uneasy dissatisfaction.
  • He was still working at 1215 when Ben Puryear called him.
  • He found his chums and Ben Jolly anxiously awaiting him.
  • Even so did Ben Daoud of Jerusalem, not long ago.
  • Lyrics of Ben Jonson, and Beaumont & Fletcher.
  • Ho ben capito: lo voglion subito questo marito.
  • It's a photograph of Ben and me and our child.
  • Lucky for Ben that the gentleman along with him is a fine sailor.
  • You and Ben grabbed his arm; he jerked loose and went after his gun.
  • Tinc seixanta quatre anys, senyor, seixanta quatre anys ben complerts...
  • That was Ben Batchelder's way always.
  • He sat at his huge, old fashioned oak desk as Ben walked across the office.
  • Clumsily, rustily, Ben whistled a cheerful little off-key tune to himself.
  • The duvles are down on us, and we are not able to hold out in Ben Nevis.
  • Mr. Ben Oates, indeed, told me some wonderful stories about it.
  • There he sat, Ben Tilman, normally a cheerful, pleasant young man.
  • I'll throw you out," mimicked Ben with a guffaw.

Definition of Ben

(obsolete, Britain, thieves' cant) Alternative spelling of bene; good. | (Scotland, Northern England) In, into. | A Scottish or Irish mountain or high peak.
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