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  • They settled down on the benches about the table.
  • Tittering from girls on benches in front.
  • At that signal, benches and galleries raised a shout.
  • The children themselves sit spellbound on the benches till the play is over.
  • Above the benches hung several rifles with cougarskin quivers beneath them.
  • The seats and benches are contemporary with the building, and are rough-hewn.
  • So the benches are brought into the home of "Bro.
  • The benches are full in Kensington Gardens, so are the steamers on the river.
  • His tools enabled him to make several benches inside and outside Will Tree.
  • On the 'Long Serpent' were there four-and-thirty benches of oars.

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  • The long tiers of benches and the gangways filled with rowers peered up at him.
  • Around the campfire were benches of hewn slabs, and a table of the same material.
  • A looped curtain is lifted to reveal a room poorly furnished with benches and tables.
  • The benches running up the amphitheatre are filled with spectators, chiefly women.
  • Men scuffled for places upon the stationary benches arranged along either side of the table.
  • The house was hushed; even the stirring of the children on the benches died away.
  • The tracking became better for a time, the lofty benches decreasing in height as we ascended.
  • Applauding benches of Imperialists cheered me on my way to the table between the whips.
  • These houses were built of squared logs with earthen floors, and wooden benches for beds.
  • On one of the benches where sat the gleemen and harpers there lay the harp of Edwy.
  • Along the walls were benches with splendid Navajos rolled cushion-wise upon them.
  • People formed themselves into groups on the benches and pavements and ate and drank while discussing the matter.
  • Inside, some of the spectators' benches had been removed to clear the front of the room.
  • There was a confused scuffling of feet and a scraping of heavy benches as the men craned their necks toward the entrance.
  • They were seated on one of the benches disposed around the side of the stockade, and there was a great deal of noise all about them.
  • It had a table built out from the wall with high-backed benches on each side of it, and a rack for glasses overhead.
  • It was a charming little grove of firs and maples, and there were a number of benches under the trees for the convenience of the pupils.
  • Only the weakest could be relieved, and even those wept and pled to continue at the benches a little longer.
  • In the middle of the room stood a long table of plain boards placed on trestles, with benches down each side.
  • The man and child without a word sank down upon the wooden benches and listened to the conversation of some men who were drinking in the tap-room.
  • They were both glad to sit down on one of the plaza benches for a few minutes; they did so by a common impulse, without speaking.
  • On the high benches it was not so bad for the springy, porous turf soaked up the excessive moisture and held its firmness tolerably well.
  • The four blue-jackets were lying on the benches drawn round the fire, and the dull glow of the slumbering peat was on their faces.
  • There will be marble benches where you may sit and think of the old Pompeians who were twice buried in their beautiful tombs.
  • At seven-thirty the men filed in from the bunk-house and found places upon the benches where they sat awkwardly, conversing in loud whispers.
  • Besides a couple of tressel beds, a long deal table, with benches on either side, were the chief articles of furniture.
  • I would sit on the Liberal benches and watch him, and listen to his urbane voice, fascinated by him.
  • Dust and dirt covered the benches and casks; spiders spun their webs between the worm-eaten joists, whence hung scanty bunches of onions.
  • Where a choice is necessary, sugar pine should be favored on moist situations, as in canyons, moist pockets, or benches and on northerly exposures.
  • And in these halls, with benches filled, distraught, Sight, hearing fail me, and the power of thought.

Definition of Benches

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bench | plural of bench
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