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  • The benevolent one looked disappointed in me.
  • Mr. Black is a benevolent and beneficent man.
  • The heart benevolent and kind The most resembles God.
  • My Cardinal is a benevolent Prince, but means are wanting!
  • Woburn, Social Benevolent Soc.
  • So is the Benevolent Assimilation Trust, Limited.
  • Within his domain he exercised a sort of benevolent despotism.
  • They are certainly more suggestive of a fiendish than a benevolent author.
  • A calmness, a benevolent disposition seizes us with sweet, insinuating power.
  • But Mitchell's benevolent plan was doomed to be frustrated.
  • He looked up, and caught Psmith's benevolent gaze.

How To Use Benevolent In A Sentence?

  • And will not their chief gratitude stray beyond the creditor to their benevolent substitute?
  • I looked up to my master as to a benevolent genius that had opened to me a region of enchantment.
  • The school was kept up by a number of benevolent persons who contributed liberally to its funds.
  • A large amount of sea biscuit was brought into a house for distribution by a benevolent gentleman.
  • He was propitious, and therefore ordered the use of blood for wise and benevolent purposes.
  • This should be noted by those persons who imagine that Plato was some sort of benevolent mystic.
  • A sensible and polished observer, he criticised them without passion, and with a benevolent irony.
  • That benevolent person rose on seeing Sidney, and inclined her head with stateliness.
  • But the "good doctor," though firm in character, was a benevolent and a beneficent despot.
  • In the Mighty and Benevolent Kingdom of Szkazia, a minor reign of terror existed.
  • Agatha's cheek glowed with anger at this supposed benevolent warning to herself.
  • How welcome will be the volume which some day will be devoted to thorough survey of the benevolent work!
  • They choose to make monarchy contemptible by exposing it to derision in the person of the most benevolent of their kings.
  • He had ended by transforming this merely benevolent gift into a regular tax which he collected with unfailing regularity.
  • Two days earlier, tea and cake had been provided by a benevolent manager for all who attended the school.
  • He hated leadless glazes more than he hated anything, except the benevolent people who had organised the agitation for their use.
  • The Porsslanese resolutely resisted all these benevolent enterprises and doggedly expressed their preference for their ancient customs.
  • Mehul was a high-minded and benevolent man, wrapped up in his art, and singularly childlike in the practical affairs of life.
  • The little man shook hands cordially with me, and his face crinkled up into the sort of smile that one might expect to see on a benevolent walnut.
  • She was more benevolent in deed, and more wandering in conversation, than any one I have met with since.
  • The usually benevolent features of the Pastor assumed a stern, uncompromising air while uttering these words.
  • Then I gave myself to peaceful and sound sleep, with which benevolent nature has rewarded those who have a clear conscience and a pure soul.
  • Who, but a good and benevolent God, would have given us senses capable of perceiving and enjoying this harmony?
  • But our benevolent Creator, in this, as in our other duties, has connected enjoyment with the operation needful to sustain our bodies.
  • With every duty of this life, our benevolent Creator has connected some species of enjoyment, to draw us to perform it.
  • Many amiable and benevolent women have done this, on principle, without reflecting on the want of Christian charity thus displayed.
  • Yet, tho' his caustic wit was biting-rude, His heart was warm, benevolent and good.
  • But it made her glance up with a smile into the benevolent old face above her, and she stripped back the glove from her finger with a dramatic gesture.
  • Trent visualized one of those managing domineering young women who rule tenants relentlessly but after all exercise benevolent despotism in bucolic matters.

Definition of Benevolent

Having a disposition to do good. | Possessing or manifesting love for mankind. | Altruistic, charitable, good, just and fair.
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