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  • He was most benevolently interested in all the proceedings.
  • Pringle smiled benevolently from the door.
  • The doctor smiled benevolently at her arraignment.
  • She nodded benevolently at Sally.
  • He smiled at her benevolently and followed Susan upstairs.
  • It was all there, so he smiled benevolently at the man in the pay window.
  • Mr. Churchouse gazed at them benevolently through his glasses.
  • The Lavender Lady's pretty, faded blue eyes beamed benevolently on him.

How To Use Benevolently In A Sentence?

  • Our ancestors thought they were acting benevolently in putting badge dresses on charity children.
  • Thorndyke smiled benevolently and caught my eye, once more, with a gleam of amusement.
  • In cases of this kind compassion lends its aid, and benevolently stretches the story.
  • Even Brisby partook of the reflected rays, and he was very benevolently considered by her.
  • I glanced at Antoine, whose attitude toward me was that of one benevolently tolerant of stupidity.
  • It was well enough to be neighbourly when those who lived in your vicinity were benevolently inclined.
  • The stout clergyman in the immaculate white collar beamed benevolently at the questioner and shook his head with a gentle smile.
  • This gentleman had acted most benevolently towards the unfortunate people who had been attacked by Druses.
  • Some will be benevolently conceived in a desire to save China from herself and shorten her period of chaos and confusion.
  • Having done this good action, the squire felt benevolently disposed towards the object of his care, and entered into conversation with him.
  • But Cloctaw turned a deaf ear to these kindly proposals, and could not be made to see the advantages so benevolently suggested.
  • He was benevolently interested when I introduced myself as the first fruits of the stranger and added that I was from Connecticut.
  • I have profound respect for the good purposes of the benevolently disposed men and women, and they are numerous, who are devoting themselves to the effort of reforming criminals.
  • It was with a compassionate expression that he turned to the two women; he looked benevolently at them, and seemed, at least, as much embarrassed as they.
  • To the poor of every description, she was, like her mother, exceedingly attentive; and she herself benevolently superintended the education of a number of poor children.

Definition of Benevolently

In a benevolent manner.
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