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  • The merits or demerits of the Partition of Bengal have already been discussed to satiety.
  • Eastern Bengal to a lady and an officer on a female elephant named Dundora during a beat.
  • The Brahmans of Bengal have never within historical times been a politically dominant force.
  • They are natives of Bengal and Madras; that is to say, of those presidencies.
  • Dr. Watt states that the natives of Bengal find relief for asthma in smoking the leaves.
  • This fish is often caught in tanks in Lower Bengal of the weight of twenty-five or thirty pounds.
  • At its close they were masters of Bengal and of the greater part of Southern India.
  • At its close they were masters of Bengal and of the greater part of Southern India.
  • In Eastern Bengal and Assam horses are fed on unhusked rice and will do well on it.
  • Already the Northwest Provinces are a century in advance of the Bengal Proper ones.
  • This is customary in the Decan, but not with the Hindoos of Bengal or Hindoostan proper.
  • The Bengal Presidency includes the north-eastern part, from Afghanistan to Burma.
  • Unlike their brethren in Bengal they pay greater attention to the secular than to the religious part of the ceremony.
  • What then are we to think when we find in that for Bengal the following most interesting and conclusive statements ever placed on record?
  • Since 1787 a number of persons have been transported to this place from Bengal for various crimes of which they have been found guilty.
  • In the glare of Bengal lights these trees, with all their pendulous blossoms, surpassed the most fantastic of artificial decorations.
  • It is a superstition current in Bengal that if a man pronounces the name of a very miserly individual, he has to go without his meal that day.
  • And we had recitations besides, and singing, and Bengal lights, which the fairest of moons put to shame.
  • It is so immensely high and vast, that three of the most powerful Bengal Lights illuminate it very imperfectly.
  • I had almost forgotten to say anything about the annual gratuity which the Brahmins of Bengal obtain on the occasion of this festival.
  • The lips had paled, the red of an opened pomegranate was no longer on them, their color had changed to the pale pink of a Bengal rose.
  • Well, they feel the same as atomic scientists would feel if a Bengal tiger were brought into their laboratory, neither more nor less scared.
  • She is worshipped by all the women of Bengal six times in the year, except such as are barren or ill-fated enough to become virgin-widows.
  • Here parties usually stop and make arrangements to kindle the Bengal Lights, which travellers always carry with them.
  • Here are three leopards, the three royal Bengal tigers, and a full-grown lion, making no more noise between them than a sleeping child.
  • The jute factories of Bengal are now competing with those of Scotland, and the total export is $17,500,000.

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  • The case of Bengal is very different.
  • The Bengal tiger was growling near by.
  • We sailed from Bengal in company with the Hon.
  • Late of the Bengal Civil Service.
  • To drive us out of Bengal was only a preliminary piece of work.
  • The native regiments in Bengal are becoming difficult to handle.
  • Hence the frequency of the appeals to her in the Bengal Press.
  • The boats in Bengal have no keel, and consequently do not carry sail well.
  • So for the Nationalists of Bengal he became a martyr and a hero.
  • They also saw two dogs, not unlike so-called Bengal jackals.
  • I'd coach a Bengal tiger if I got paid for it.
  • The English Government is to the people of Bengal a special boon, a god-send.
  • We sailed from Madras, August 23d, and arrived at Bengal on the 30th.
  • Mr. Brodhurst, of the Bengal Civil Service, was accordingly deputed.

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