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  • He made a will bequeathing his property to Paine, and stabbed himself.
  • He had made a will bequeathing all the Chancellor's MSS.

How To Use Bequeathing In A Sentence?

  • And these the proud expiring often claim, Their wealth bequeathing to record their name.
  • This great heart was content to endure them as the penalty of bequeathing to mankind its priceless secret.
  • Would a woman vote to give her husband the power of bequeathing her children to the control and guardianship of somebody else?
  • It was a daughter of a relation of the Count, who had lately died in reduced circumstances, bequeathing this only child to his protection.
  • On the 11th of February, 1871, and while he was very ill, he made a will, bequeathing a portion of his property to two of his friends.
  • Here was a will which enabled John Blackmore to inherit the fortune of a man who, almost certainly, had no intention of bequeathing it to him.
  • Had Samuel Franklyn known them, he might have preached a different sermon, bequeathing love in place of terror!
  • He fought not for the desire of bequeathing a great empire to his descendants, but to rescue his country from ruin, in the midst of overwhelming calamities.
  • A difficulty stood in the way, however, and that was the clause in the will bequeathing her her fortune which stated that she would be disinherited if she did not marry someone engaged in commercial pursuits.
  • They died almost before the house at Kephissia was finished, bequeathing its magnificence to two young nephews, also rich, but resident in Italy.

Definition of Bequeathing

present participle of bequeath
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