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  • Each of the bereaved aunts had written.
  • I was not bereaved of the powers of reflection.
  • Saddest of all are the bereaved wives and mothers.
  • But I am black, as if bereaved of light.
  • And if I be bereaved of my children, I am bereaved.
  • I bereaved mother's wailings wild?
  • But happier times were in store for the bereaved lady and her faithful lover.
  • The church was filled with a company of sincere friends and bereaved mourners.
  • Do you tell me I could not sympathize with that bereaved mother?
  • What destiny, dear girl, Awaits us both, bereaved and fatherless?
  • The curse of the bereaved widow clung steadily to the house of M'Alister.

How To Use Bereaved In A Sentence?

  • The longing of the bereaved has created for itself a spurious and dreary satisfaction.
  • We cannot adequately speak of the loss which the bereaved wife and children sustain.
  • But there were no tear stains on her face, for she did not yet know how bereaved she was.
  • Thou wouldst lament as a soul bereaved and weep as a heart filled with longing.
  • When he is bereaved of his natural faculties; not when he cannot crow, but when he cannot run.
  • These children are from three months old and upwards, and all bereaved of both parents by death.
  • The whole stupendous delusion seemed to rest upon the overmastering desire of the bereaved for their beloved.
  • I need not say how deeply we sympathize with her bereaved parents, as well as with her sorrowing husband.
  • It seemed impossible that people could be more bereaved and disheartened than these ladies, and yet exist.
  • By a most admirable provision, their death ordinarily takes place under circumstances the most favorable to their bereaved family.
  • The bereaved relicts of these two pairs have taken kindly to each other, and now walk soberly side by side in double harness.
  • It was his one satisfaction to brood over the bereaved father and mother, delighting in his part of the tragedy and enjoying every evidence of it.
  • Next morning the body was found, horribly mutilated, and a porter was despatched to break the tidings to the bereaved mother.
  • The impulsive feeling which is ever ready to act itself out at the return of a long absent friend, was more than my bereaved mother could suppress.
  • Suddenly bereaved of her parents and an only brother, she found the arms of sympathizing relatives open to receive her, as a trust and a treasure.
  • However, as it happened, that youth had some news to give me which at any rate tended to divert my mind for a time from my bereaved condition.
  • Had he, perchance, been bereaved of his own younglings, and felt moved to bestow his parental care upon somebody?
  • Through these trances of mine I have been privileged to put many bereaved ones in communication with their dear departed spirits.
  • He was fresh and fond, and until this bereaved female found him I am sure his suit had not prospered that season.
  • If thy soul belie not thy noble form and features, thou wilt not withhold thine aid from a bereaved and sorrowing daughter.
  • May the high estimation in which this Christian hero is held by the country of his love soothe in some degree the anguish of his bereaved family!
  • The spot where the bereaved mother sat was surrounded by a low, broken wall of sods, which formed a circle of about fifteen feet in diameter.
  • The baby girl eased the pain and homesickness in my bereaved heart, and Hilda would have none but me attend her.
  • Rudolph Weissmann, great as he was, belonged to the innumerable throng of the bereaved whose judgments are clouded by passion.
  • A blow so sudden and unexpected, was bewildering; the companion of years was gone, the bereaved one was alone, and in new scenes.
  • This ancient work of art appealed to the bereaved heart of Dr. Mitchell and he sat before it for quite a while.
  • Then Trotter and the Signor would disown him vociferously to the bereaved one, and hasten on to come up with him before he had eaten it all.
  • Excuse on excuse she made, for his curiosity ranged round Casimir de Savres's bereaved lover.
  • There was not an accordion heard in the community, for there had been a funeral that morning and every one was trying to be quiet out of respect for the bereaved parents.

Definition of Bereaved

having suffered the death of a loved one | simple past tense and past participle of bereave
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