Bespoke in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Bespoke

1. His very appearance bespoke the man. 🔊

2. He bespoke me gently and courteously. 🔊

3. These words bespoke the concentration of some resolves. 🔊

4. Her train bespoke a princely rank. 🔊

5. Her lips bespoke passion; her eyes control. 🔊

6. His outthrust jaw bespoke a bulldog courage and determination. 🔊

7. Lee's happy laugh bespoke sincerity. 🔊

8. If not actually homesome, the fetor bespoke a possible drink. 🔊

9. The unaccustomed action was significant; it bespoke a passionate loyalty. 🔊

10. The hot brown eyes under straight bushy brows bespoke a cyclonic temper. 🔊

11. Blue-black hair and an olive complexion bespoke his Latin origin. 🔊

12. I turned and looked at Madame, whose manner bespoke my attention. 🔊

How to use Bespoke in Sentences?

1. Her commanding figure and the regularity of her features bespoke the favour of the public. 🔊

2. The sidelong, covetous glance that passed between them bespoke what was in their minds. 🔊

3. His dark complexion and habit of rapid gesticulation bespoke his southern origin. 🔊

4. The afternoon sun showed copper-red through a faint haze which bespoke a change of weather. 🔊

5. For form erect, and sinewy frame And kindling eye, bespoke the garb Of manhood. 🔊

6. The gracefulness of his action, and the attention with which he was heard, bespoke him a great orator. 🔊

7. It seemed a very considerable one, and the size and appearance of the framework house bespoke comfort and even luxury. 🔊

8. He was greatly startled when he felt a hand touch his shoulder: a hand whose gentleness bespoke a sympathy that was very deep. 🔊

9. The place was handsome, of rather modern type, furnished glaringly in the manner which bespoke the parvenu. 🔊