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  • The glittering moon was not yet bespoken for the night.
  • The next morning after breakfast the carriages bespoken were at the door.
  • The wall stood there before his eyes, exactly as he had bespoken it!

How To Use Bespoken In A Sentence?

  • It was only the bespoken cup and plate, however, and Mr. Copley had to wait longer.
  • When he arrived everything had bespoken him a man aggressively positive with the habit of being sure.
  • Fame had before bespoken him most knowing in all valuable learning, and exquisitely skilled in the liberal sciences.
  • The position of the priests, in contradistinction to that of the government officials, is bespoken also in their dwellings.
  • But the old lady had already, before the baptism, bespoken a young man of heavenly beauty from Barby.
  • For this district of Balagna, and that of Nebbio further north, my attention had been especially bespoken by my shrewd and sagacious friend.
  • Having arrived at Vendas Novas, and bespoken supper, my new friend and myself strolled forth to view the palace.
  • Mr. Ironsides had bespoken his gun, a local Rajah his ponies; and his dogs were to be distributed among friends.
  • Accommodations had been bespoken by Lord Tremlyn, and early in the afternoon the party were quartered in the Elphinstone.

Definition of Bespoken

(obsolete) betrothed or engaged to be married (compare with: spoken for) | past participle of bespeak
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