Bess In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bess | Bess Sentence

  • Bess was ethereal now.
  • Bess had them in her hand.
  • Bess went into a hysteric.
  • Bess insisted upon it.
  • Bess was fixed in her wagon.
  • Bess burst into tears.
  • Bess slept tranquilly.
  • Bess was first to recover.
  • Bess loves that word.
  • Bess was electrified with joy.
  • Bess has a cart and two goats.
  • Bess was studying the fly-leaf.
  • Bess was only such a little out of all the big world!
  • Bess held the bill up in her hand.
  • Bess had a quicker and more vivid imagination.
  • Bess fell asleep presently.
  • Bess was still on the top of the water.
  • Bess lost her grip on her canoe.
  • Bess began to grow excited.
  • Bess would have far outstripped her in learning.
  • Bess moaned, but she was not awake.
  • Bess, do you hear a noise?
  • Bess was already sifting flour for more biscuit.
  • Bess gave a pitiful little laugh.
  • Bess would have been lovely in health and prosperity.
  • Bess gave a joyous little laugh.
  • Bess was tired, but bright and happy.
  • Bess ventured to touch one with her thin little fingers.
  • Bess kept turning partly round and talking out her delight.
  • Bess had, in the shape of cold fat bacon.
  • Bess caught her hands, but neither dared speak.
  • Will he take me to Bess?
  • Bess and Mina jumped up.
  • Bess died just before Christmas.
  • Bess found the most similitudes in Christiana.

How To Use Bess In A Sentence?

  • For Bess was marble cold.
  • But she gave Bess her hand.
  • How he hated to take Bess from her!
  • But poor Bess had not been so fortunate.
  • Bess snorted, pawed, and seemed crazed.
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