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  • Suddenly he bestirred himself.
  • She bestirred herself.
  • Meanwhile the authorities bestirred themselves.
  • Howard bestirred himself to express some interest.
  • Paul bestirred himself looking for brushwood.
  • He bestirred himself to think of something to say.
  • At last they bestirred themselves, and to some purpose.
  • Now, however, she bestirred herself.
  • But Ruxton suddenly bestirred himself.
  • Then Von Berger bestirred himself.
  • When McBain re-entered the room Fyles bestirred himself.
  • The commissioners bestirred themselves to settle the commotion.
  • She bestirred herself for a few minutes and then sat down idly by the window.
  • Horner's good-natured cook bestirred himself to make ready.
  • At this hour Pennyloaf bestirred herself after a night of weeping.
  • Aunt Jemima had bestirred herself, and was moving listlessly about the house.
  • I went to find my men, and it was time that I bestirred myself.

How To Use Bestirred In A Sentence?

  • The girls and their mother now bestirred themselves to get their guest something to eat.
  • They welcomed us with great cordiality, and bestirred themselves to minister to our necessities.
  • The good woman still muttering in her surprise, bestirred herself about the supper.
  • She was for a man who had not believed in her danger, had not bestirred himself....
  • The others bestirred themselves, like men who after long waiting have their expectations realized.
  • But Loupe judged it was best to get home and have some refreshment, so he bestirred himself.
  • I now bestirred myself in order to obtain some attraction that would replenish the depleted operatic chest.
  • He bestirred himself in the matter, and soon succeeded in arousing a good deal of indignation in the minds of visitors.
  • For at Ulubrae it is certain that an enormous mass of frogs have bestirred themselves to do me honour.
  • The people bestirred themselves, stretched their benumbed limbs, and shook their tumbled garments into shape.
  • If he had only bestirred himself like the ancient Kapchack of former days this extremity would not have arisen.
  • Queen Philippa bestirred herself with heroic energy on this occasion, and marched with the army to the north.
  • At nine o'clock, becoming paler than ever, he bestirred himself, and talked of leaving.
  • Then she got up, and bestirred herself for the men, hoping, no doubt, they would intermit their drumming if she could but conciliate them.
  • After that the owner of the dogs bestirred himself, made complaint to Constantine, and from him received the loan of a policeman.
  • For two or three minutes she stood thus listlessly, then, remembering the kettle boiling within doors, bestirred herself and turned away.
  • All the passengers at once bestirred themselves, and went into their cabins to seek out any clothing they could spare for the relief of the sufferers.
  • Prime bestirred himself early, meaning to get the breakfast under way single-handed while Miss Millington slept.
  • That, by the counsel of Barnevelt, he bestirred himself to get Ministers to come to the Synod who were of the new opinion.
  • Once she bestirred herself to put more fuel on the fire, but after that the breeze blew the mosquitoes away, the warmth from the upleaping blaze added its touch, and she fell asleep.
  • The conversation of the prophetical birds had extended thus far when the crows began to caw, the east put on a reddish hue, and the travellers beneath the tree bestirred themselves.

Definition of Bestirred

simple past tense and past participle of bestir
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