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  • To bestow anything concrete would have been folly.
  • I hurried to bestow my boat neatly in the boat-house.
  • Sauverand, I bestow my spouse upon you.
  • The best boon that money can bestow upon us is independence.
  • Never, I ween, hath a lord been known to take from one to bestow on another.
  • On thee a tack o' seven times seven Will yet bestow it.
  • Mockery, insult, usurpation," are amongst the best names they bestow upon it.

How To Use Bestow In A Sentence?

  • It is impossible to bestow too much pains and attention on the acquirement of this.
  • It may not be improper to bestow a few brief remarks on these different schemes.
  • The excitement was too great for many to bestow more than a passing glance on the trio.
  • I wot not what manner of lord he may be who takes from one to bestow on another.
  • That excellent lady had concluded to bestow her talents upon a worthier object.
  • I had never seen her before, but her look was not such a one as she would bestow upon a stranger.
  • They, however, bestow as much attention on guarding them as if they were gold or silver.
  • Mark, first, it is to bestow on objects a charm, such as they could not have in its absence.
  • The Syrphus fly, or Aphis eater, deserves more than the passing notice which we bestow upon it.
  • May it bring Y.R.H. no sorrow, but rather may it bestow on you every imaginable felicity!
  • It grew to be thought that intense activity and untiring energy had no time to bestow on mere forms.
  • When they arrived opposite to the parsonage, they found its kind inhabitants equally anxious to bestow the parting benediction.
  • The gratification which wealth can bestow is not in mere possession, nor in lavishing it with prodigality, but in the wise application of it.
  • The fainting girl was tenderly placed in her bed, and all the care that loving hearts could bestow was lavished on her.
  • In any case he could bestow his money for charitable purposes, but it would not be the same, it would not effect what he had aimed at.
  • Many of the horsemen carry behind them half-swooning Christian girls on whom they do not bestow a glance.
  • The fear lest she should be plunged into vice led him to bestow such excessive bounty upon her; and the woman was an admirable dissembler.
  • Their fond hopes make them use exertions, and bestow comforts, they would be otherwise incapable of.
  • Of these twain do thou vouchsafe to bestow the one boon on this damsel, and the other on me, and disdain thou not my request.
  • The Heavens are full of surprises, on which we can bestow but a fleeting glance within these limits.
  • Then, seeing me, he gave me as much of a salute as a naval officer will ever bestow on anybody in civilian clothes.
  • My cousins, who have known her from her childhood, highly esteem her, and bestow on her the love as to the nearest relative.
  • King Huntsman then petitioned the king of the serpents to bestow upon him the gift of understanding the language of animals and insects.
  • At our approaching to land, there were some that began to shew themselves, and to bestow some few shot upon us, but presently withdrew themselves.
  • He, of all the flowers in the enclosure, was her favourite, and he alone had not yet found a lady upon whom to bestow his affections.
  • But I am convinced now that we did exactly right, and that she was wise never to bestow another thought upon him.
  • The flaw in my enjoyment of his company on our Thursdays was the certainty of the length of time he would be pleased to bestow it upon us.
  • He watched her anxiously and affectionately, doubting whether it was right to bestow so much time on her exclusively, yet unwilling to leave her.
  • He watched her descend from her pedestal, bestow an affectionate kiss upon her brother, then look eagerly around for other familiar faces.
  • Suffice it to say, in conclusion, that they both agreed never more to be dependent on the wealth of their parents,--assured as they were that all they could bestow upon them would be the product of unrequited toil.
  • Never would he yelp, never would he rap the floor with his tail, never bestow on them a single one of those caresses dogs are so fond of lavishing.
  • Then I could see that she accepted anything we might bestow upon her as her due, and was becoming critical of the value and quality of the gift.
  • Useless to bestow anything upon her; straightway it or its value passed over the counter of the beershop in Rosoman Street.

Definition of Bestow

(transitive) To lay up in store; deposit for safe keeping; to stow or place; to put something somewhere. | (transitive) To lodge, or find quarters for; provide with accommodation. | (transitive) To dispose of.
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