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  • Indiscriminate bestowal of, 178.
  • The boys are very liberal in the bestowal of titles.
  • His teachings were altruistic; his bestowal universal.
  • Let us then trust in the bounty and bestowal of God.
  • It is a bestowal of God; it is not material, it is divine.
  • He had been very conscientious in his proposed bestowal of himself.
  • Another consideration, relates to the indiscriminate bestowal of charity.
  • Besides, if you are molested, such bestowal of it would prove most unsafe.
  • This is the bestowal of divine idealism, the crown adorning human heads.

How To Use Bestowal In A Sentence?

  • The bestowal of engagement presents has of late years taken on a wholesale aspect.
  • Thus he was an instant medicine to the ailing, and a rich bestowal to the poor.
  • Susceptible from his tender youth, he showed no ambition in the bestowal of his amorous homage.
  • Nature was in various ways lavish in the bestowal of her favors upon him of whom we speak to-day.
  • Love is the conscious bestowal of God, the bond of affiliation in all phenomena.
  • Now we must offer thanks to God that such a great bestowal and effulgence has been revealed to us.
  • Our Saviour also dates the bestowal as following his glorification, or on the day of Pentecost.
  • But the bestowal of even black bread and the least expensive of wine could not continue indefinitely.
  • To the parliament the power of regulating the policy of the crown by the bestowal or refusal of grants was naturally agreeable.
  • The inhabitants were silly enough to resist the bestowal of this benefit upon them, and unfortunate enough to be successful in their resistance.
  • The bestowal of a new name upon an adult generally took place at some tribal ceremony when all the people were gathered together.
  • The bestowal of a name, whether the name is of the first or of the second class already described, was always attended with ceremonies.
  • The young man brought a good many trunks, and while Nanon saw to the bestowal of his luggage, all the lotto players looked at the visitor.
  • In the ancient law of Rome the subject of corresponding carefulness was the bestowal of the Universal Succession.
  • The immediate bestowal of the Arctic medal upon all the officers and men of the 'Fox' is a pleasing proof that this interest is well sustained.
  • Believing this, it is easy to conclude that when vigor departed death was a blessing, the bestowal of which parents could legitimately expect from their children.
  • By the bestowal of legacies a rare opportunity is offered to testators either to gratify some peculiar desire, or to restrain or control some one who is the beneficiary.
  • The details of the use of a supernaturally conferred power may best be let alone, until the probability of the existence and bestowal of such power has been discussed and decided.
  • He stole from the rich and well-to-do with the greatest boldness and dexterity, equalled by the kindness and delicacy of feeling shown in the bestowal of his booty upon the poor and needy.

Definition of Bestowal

The act of bestowing.
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